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jenna32 - November 2

did anyone test positive and have to get antibiotics during labor?does the iv hurt or what? i was surprised i had it since i read only 30% of us test positive. the first time i read about it they seemed to act like it was no big deal then i looked it up again and i didn't think it could be so serious to the baby!


Cevvin - November 2

If you haven't had an IV before, its just like getting your blood drawn, except they leave a plastic sheath in your vein. Depending on how you take pain it may hurt getting it put in, but after that its sometimes just sore to the touch or some movements. But they tape it down pretty good, and if they dont get it good enough just tell them its tender and you would like it to be more stable. When they start administering liquids thru the IV your arm may become cold. Nothing to worry about there, its just the liquid that is cold. Also dont sit there and worry about the tiny bubbles if the line. They wont harm you.


Malica - November 2

It's only serious if you don't get the antibiotics. Due to hypertension, I was induced and they didn't have time to test so I was given the antibiotics without knowing if it was really needed. I have deep and thin veins which make drawing blood a challenge. My last IV with a different surgery was horrible because they could only find a good vein right on my wrist near my thumb so it was uncomfortable every time I moved my wrist. But this time they found a vein in the normal spot on the back of my hand. The only time it bothered me was when they were checking my blood pressure. When the cuff was fully inflated, my hand would throb. I got them to switch sides for the cuff and it was fine. If you were planning on taking any pain killers during labour you were going to be getting an IV anyway (even for an epidural -- they will be giving you fluids but no meds through that IV). They can give you all the meds you ned through the single IV. I had the antibiotics, the pitocin, and pain killers all through the same one



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