Group B Strep

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Dez - October 11

Hi I am 35 weeks pregnant and my dr. told me i had group be strep, they gave me antibiotics for it about 8 weeks ago and they told me they would also give me more during labor to protect the baby. I have read about what happens when the baby is born and contacts it. so my question is has anyone been diagnosed with group b and the baby comes out fine. the dr. knows and about it and i know there gonna give me antibiotics durning labor, but i still just need some reasurrance


Sabrina - October 11

Just be sure to go to the hospital as sson as labour begins so that you can be a__sured that the antibitoics are adminstered before the birth. (Don't wait until 5 min apart). I know of several women who devivered with strep b +ve. The babies are all fine. If you do not get to the hospital early enough the have the anitbitoics, they will have the give them to your baby by IV for several hours afterwards - not fun for the baby and you will then be separated from them for up to 12 hours, so just go right away, make sure you tell your nurse you are strep b+ve and don't worry! 20% of all women ar e tesed strp b +ve. They know how to handle it properly.


name - October 14

How is group B strep tested for and what is it 35 wks and have not yet been tested I dont think?


Dez - October 14

they usually test it durning your pap smear during your first visit, and also watch it through your urine throughout your pregnancy. If it doesnt show up then they will also test around 36-37 weeks to make sure you havent developed it throughout your pregnancy. they probably have tested you for it and it was neg. thats why you dont know if they tested you, because i didnt know anything about it until they told me i had it.


Dez - October 14

I have done alot of searchs on it and havent really got a good understanding as to what it is and where it comes from, all im getting is 1 in 3 pregnant women have it and its a bacteria that is harmful to newborns pa__sing through the birth ca___l if you dont recieve antibiotics durning labor.


Sabrina - October 15

You always have strep bacteria in that region, however, at times it an change from being strep +ve to strep -ve. While it does not affect you, it can affect the baby if not treated. You get tested for it around 35-37 weeks, depending on your doctor. When they do an internal check, they will also do a quick swab to test for the bacteria. They have the results the next visit. ASK what the results are. You want to know to make sure the nurses get it right when you go to the hospital. My first baby I tested strep -ve and the nurse read the chart wrong and though it was +ve. I had to correct her and have her check again to get_t right. If I had not already known the results, I would have had to have a bunch of antibioitcs and creams for nothing. the urine tests only check for protein (to make sure your kidneys are not breaking down) and sugar (a sign of diabetes).


Dez - October 15

they gave me the results like at 20 weeks and gave me antibiotics, and i hadnt had a pap smear since my first visit. does that mean they are going to test me again between 35-37 weeks


name - October 16

I'd a__sume yes.. I think they probably check you at your first pap..constantly check your urine..and then do another pap at 35-37 wks.In what to expect while your expecting I read they do a rectal swab too!?!?!? is this true


Name - November 5

Yes, they do a rectal exam as well. I know, I had it done three days ago. It's really quick and painless.


Dez - November 5

they havent checked me for it again since they told me I had it, but i guess they wouldnt have to since they already know its there, lol.


Jen - November 6

I tested ppositive for it at 23 weeks )(pre term labor) but then I tested negative for it at 37 weeks..the dr. said I will still get antibiotices for it anyway...if this baby ever comes out i am due in 5 days...go luck all


Dez - November 6

hmm, well i guess its possible to for me to test negative for it now, because they did give me antibiotics to treat it. but i guess even if it came back neg (after all the stuff i read) I would rather them just give me antibiotics during labor anywayz just to be safe. good luck jen, I am due in 10 days, so hopefully i go soon.


Jen - November 14

I am 35 weeks and also tested group b strep +; I was given ampicillen for 7 days and told that I will be given antibiotics at delivery... does that decrease the chances of the baby becoming infected? Also, is a c-section a better way to go???


emma g - November 15

hi dez! i wasnt told i had strep b until after i had my baby. she turned out fine! I had problems though..i had a tear inside from my labour and the group strep b got into my blood stream. It made my labia swell up completley to the point where it was too painful to walk or even sit down! im sure you will be fine though babes. x


sally - November 20

I keep reading that some are given antibiotics before labor (oral I guess). Is this more effective than IV antibiotics at the onset of labor? Is it somthing I should insist upon with my doctor? Like Emma I didn't know with my first child until after he was born and was told that my uterus had become infected, which left me in the hospital for about 5 days after delivery. :(



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