Group B Strep

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Bailey2786 - December 6

I am only 30w3d but I thought I had an UTI infection so they checked me, but it came back that they saw Group B strep.. in my urine.. she didn't seem to worried.. the only problem was they wanted to treat me now to see what happens.. since I can't take the medication that they usually give you penicilian.. or any of the medications in that family they had to give me macrobid... they said he may or may not work! hmmm.. just a little worried anyone else with this problem? if he shows that it didn't work... will I have to have a C-section?! I had a bacterial infection (BV) and they treated me 3 times and it never went away! (still stuck with it now ugh) so i'm scared that medications just don't like to work on me! I know your not my doc just opinions apperciated!


Bailey2786 - December 6

also I am gong to go ahead and ask about an baterial infection.. I have had one for about 2 months now docs gave up on treating it I have taken flagly and everything for about 3 times.... I dunno what else to do .. I wear cotton under wear.. make sure I am dry, eat yogart, trying to stay away from sugar. what else.. arg feel like just crying sometimes!


Lady_tee - December 6

Im 30w1d and I found out that I also have Group B Strep. This is my second child that I have had it for. Ive also had the bacterial vaginosis problem with being treated with medication and it not going away. No, you wont have to have a C-Section. When you are in labor you will be put on antibiotics through your IV so you dont pa__s it to your baby. From experience I say dont worry. Good luck with your baby.


Nerdy Girl - December 6

Treat you NOW for GBS? I never heard of this. I too am GBS + and got antibiotics during deliery. I did not think that GBS was something that could be "cleared up." I think you always have it.


AshleyB - December 6

Yes, I have it too, and the doc just said that I will be put on antibiotics when I am in labor so as to not pa__s it on to baby. 30% of women have it I guess, not much to worry about.


EricaG - December 6

I think you are all missing the point! For whatever reason, probably allergic, she can't take the normal antibiotic that is given by IV during labor. They have to give her a different drug that isn't a guarantee to be effective. They are treating the GBS right now as a test to see if the antibiotic that will have to be used on her is going to work. She's wondering what will happen if it doesn't. Bailey2786, I'm not sure but I was just trying to clear this up for you, lol.


Bailey2786 - December 6

haha yes thank you everyone.. but EricaG is right! I don't know what to do.. I feel like they are pumping with meds all the time! AH! I know macrobid is safe to take during pregnacy.. but I don't know how effective it is I was just wondering.. if anyone has had to take macrobid for GBS.. and it worked! Sorry the question was a little confusing I guess! I am allergic to penicillin and the whole cilin family! blah! and LADYTEE did your BV ever go away?


Bailey2786 - December 6

okay and not to scare anyone but I have been reading about GBS.. maybe I shouldn't of done that it sounds really scary! death and everything to newborns that have the infection! What happens if you get to the hospital and you are to far into labour to get anitbiotics? ugh this is confusing.. my doc said "don't worry about it" how do you not worry about something like that eh?


jolou - December 7

Bailey, I know it sounds pretty scary, but there is a thousand things that could go wrong and rarely do. If it's any comfort, in the UK they don't even test women for GBS. You can request and pay for a test if you really want to (all health care is free during pregnancy here), but they don't deem it necessary (and aside from this we get poked and prodded as much here anyone, anywhere else). There is a magazine led campaign to have it brought in, but the health service don't seem to be giving in.


sophandbob - December 7

honestly it does sound worrying, but its not. I had group B strep and only found out by pure chance, as I live in the Uk, and as previously said, they don't routinely test. Lots of women have it, give birth, and don't even know and the baby doesn't have any probs. try w w as that is a good, non scary site. It showsthe statistic and they are really low and will be encouraging to you. You already know that you have to have the anitbiotics 4 hours before labour, and if this is your first you are unlikely to give birth that quickly. Granted, it does happen, but it is unlikely. If it does, then the baby gets treated for group b, which means you needing to stop in hospital for 5 days after the birth for antibiotic treatment and culture blood tests to be done to see if they have it. I know this as my little one was v poorly with jaundice after he was born, but he was soo floopy and lathergic compared to his billarubin levels that they thought he may have contracted group b, so they treated him for it. they also gave him a lumber pucture too. It turns out it was just the the jaundice, and he was clear of the group b. he now has no more chance of contracting a group b illness than any other child born in the hospital that week. A c section won't be offered as it doesn't stop the bacteria being transferred nor does treating with penacillin before the birth - only antibiotics in labour or treatment to the baby after the birth are effective. I too have penacillin allergies, and I was fine with the alternative meds they gave me.


Bailey2786 - December 7

thanks so much! :) Makes me feel a little better.. I guess just reading about some of the women who lost their children to it doesn't do me any good! I worry to much! well for some reason they wont me to take the medication now and when I'm in labour.. so I guess i am going to listen to them.. but thanks again


sophandbob - December 7

maybe it is because they are giving you diff meds to the usual and want to be sure you've had it. Don't forget you read only the stories about women who've lost children, not the many times more women whose babies have been fine, or even the women who have it, aren't diagnosed and their babies are still fine.


maryl14 - December 8

ok first of all they are treating her form of gbs right because it is in her urine it is alos in her blood stream so can be pa__sed to baby the form they treat you for while your in labor is the one they find in your v____a while doing a pap smear sort of test the reason why they worry about this bacteria is because if the baby pa__ses though this infected area or contracts it they could fall prey to all kinds of lung problems BAILEY2786 if they find the the infection is extreme they may opt for a c-section


Lady_tee - December 8

I have another doctors appointment Monday and I was told about this cream that I will ask about because the flagyl isnt working for me.


Bailey2786 - December 8

oh okay thanks! wow now I am raelly worried though.. :(


Bailey2786 - December 9

LADY t.. will you tell me what your doctor said about the BV thanks


Lady_tee - December 9

Sure always willing to help.



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