Group B Strep Help

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missy046 - November 6

So I learned that I tested positive for Group B Strep. I am freaking out. Please, has anyone else had this? I need re-assurance. This is my 2nd viable pregnancy and I have never had a bad test result (thank the Lord) until now. I have such a bad feeling. I just keep crying and thinking the worst. I guess I am over exagerating but I cant help it I keep waiting for something bad to happen.


emfine99 - November 6

I didn't test positive for it, but when I got tested, I was worried. The dr told me not to worry because all that happens when you have it is that they treat you while you are in labor with IV's full of antibiotics. You should be fine! It can harm the baby yes, but not if you get the treatment that you need in time. I did a little research on google and stuff and it doesn't seem too bad.


Terio - November 6

Hi Missy: I tested postive, also. It was absolutely nothing ~ really. I completely forgot about the whole thing, in fact. It was already on my file when I went to the hospital and they gave me the IV before labor and I never thought about it again. It's nothing at all to worry about. :-)


angie m - November 6

Like Terio said it is nothing to worry about at all. There is a chance if you don't get the IV meds that your baby could get sick from the group B strep which is why they test for it. Every women has it in there at all times from what I understand and it is just the level that you have in there when they test that determines if you need the antibiotics. That is why they test during the last month since the levels change. I tested positive during my 1st pregnancy, I'm on my 4th, and it was no big deal. I just had to have an IV with antibiotics for like 5 min, I had a home birth so that is the only time I had to have an IV in for. It was no big deal at all. Try not to worry, I know during pregnancy easier said then done.


Krissy25 - November 6

I got tested but my water broke before i got the results. I had to have a c-section so they gave me 1 round of antibotics and after i had her i found out i was positive. So they gave me some more rounds and tested her but she was fine. I think if you test positive they would normally give you 2 rounds. But like the other ladies said it's no big deal.


missy046 - November 6

Thank you all for the re-a__surance I definitly feel better now (but still a little worried).


jenna32 - November 8

positive here to, i posted not too long ago about this and have been searching google, apparently with antibiotics there's very very little risk like 1 in 4000 that your baby will get it with antibiotics and 1 in 200 without. and don't feel bad either 30-40% of women test positive.



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