Group B Strep Anyone Else Have It

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K8 - June 27

my doc did a swab test and found group B Strep present? what is it? will it hurt my baby?


ARD - June 27

I posted to your other post a few minutes ago....I had my group B Strep test done today also, guess I'll find out my results next week. I asked my doctor about it today, and I REALLY respect and trust this guy with my life, and he said that even if I test positive for it that its no big deal. It just means I carry the bacteria and have a chance of pa__sing it to my baby - BUT they give antibiotics for this either before or actually through IV during labor/delivery so you don't pa__s it to your child. It can make for a very sick child if pa__sed along, which is why they test you for it and take precautions with antibiotics to keep you from giving it to your baby. My mother tested positive for it and so did my sister who delivered a healthy baby girl last September. My doctor really said it wasn't a big deal and for me not to worry! So don't you worry about it either!!! They'll take care of you and your baby!!


Nerdy Girl - June 27

I have GBS and have delivered two healthy babies. It's not like an STD or something. It's a bacteria that a large percentage of the population carries. It's not harmful to us, but can be harmful to the baby during the birth. My son and I got thrush (like a yeast infection of the baby's mouth and your nipple during b___stfeeding) as a result of the antibiotics. It was inconvenient, but certainly not serious, and nowhere near as serious as what can happen to the baby from a GBS infection. Don't stress... it will be fine!


AmandaManns - June 27

I tested positive for GBS and I delivered a healthy 10 lb baby boy. They just gave me penicillin while I was in labor and all went well. It really is nothing to worry about.


apr - June 28

actually waiting for my result. I am 35 weeks. All I know is that it isnt a big deal. My sister in law is a GBS carrier and has delivered 2 healthy kids. I think u just have to make sure to get to the hospital early as possible, b/c they have to give u antibiotics at least 3 hours before delivery


K8 - June 28

Thanks heaps girls, i am much less anxious about it now. This forum is a godsend!!!!



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