Group B Strep Test Question I Have It Tomorrow

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MommyMeg07 - January 23

Okay, so I've asked a question about this before, ha ha, but I have it tomorrow and I have another question! When they do the rectal culture, do they make you turn over or anything?? Or can they just get it from the normal position you're in for a pelvic exam? From what I understood from the question I asked before, it sounds like they barely even swipe you - the nightmare in my head is that they'll have to like, insert something in my butt, ha ha. The reason I ask is because I also have a sono tomorrow, and my Mom is coming, then i have my normal checkup then. I like her to go into the appointments with me sometimes because I get all flustered trying to get my questions asked and she remembers what they say later better than I usually do. I don't want to take her in with me if it's going to be extremely awkward. Thanks so much again Ladies!


DDT - January 24

I had it done about a week and a half ago...No, they don't make you turn onto you back for the rectal swab. My doc just had me lay on my back, pull my pants down, put a tissue paper over my privates and put her gloved hand under twice it for a swab of both areas. It took seconds. It didn't hurt...there was no inserting of anything. I tested positive by the way. Good luck.


tiphanai - January 24

My midwife had me swab myself today, and i didn't put it in my bum! We discussed it before hand because i was worried about the bum thing as well, her logic is that my baby is not coming out of my bum so why bother testing it. Plus in her experience we are alot more likely to test positive from the bum area than the v____a.


mamagoose - January 24

You guys are lucky. The v____al one wasn't a big deal, but for the rectal, I had to roll onto my side and I actually got the swab put right in there, she left it there for about 10 seconds, and even gave it a little twist on the way out, AAAHH! The only upside to the whole situation was that I tested negative. She said they have to test the rectal area because there is cross-contamination between the two areas just in everyday activities, and since you can tear pretty easily when giving birth, it's easy for bacteria to transfer back and forth.


Gavinsmom - January 24

Hi Meg! Haha...never talk to you here! Anyway, I had mine done a few days ago and he didn't do my b___t! Did he say he was going to or are you just guessing he will? It seems like 50 % of docs do it. Talk to u soon! :) You better tell me how your sono goes when you get home! ;) Can't wait to hear how she is doing and what her position is!!!


tritty - January 24

it really is easy. much much easier than a pap. they just swab your cervix. i had to have mine done twice because the lab lost the first one and both times i had spotting afterwards. i guess my cervix was just sensitive. so don't be alarmed if you see blood afterwards. anyhow, i also tested positive. that just means i'll need antibiotics during delivery so the baby doesn't get it. no worries, it should be easy.



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