Group B Strep Test Was Painful

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s_xicherypoptart - May 16

umm my dr did mine and it did not hurt at all. they just swipe a q~tip inside your lips of your v____a and not IN your but but right inside your cheeks you cant even feel it i think your dr is nuts lol


lsarn - May 17

You ALWAYS get tested for group b strep, and no, Your urethra should not be touched. I'm an L&D nurse, and if you don't get a chance to be tested( for group B ) We start ampicillin as a precaution.


DownbutnotOUT - May 18

I have gotten tested with every pregnancy for strep B and all were csections as this one is a planned section. None of them hurt at all, they are suppose to only swab around the outside of your v____a and your "other" hole.


Binx18 - May 22

SHe's definitely not a good nurse. Shouldn't have hurt at all!


MLeiss06 - May 22

I just had my GBS test done, and its supped to go into your v____a, then into your rectum..Not your urethra. I would definatly do some reading up on this...It just doesnt sound right to me... I had to do mine myself...The nurse said.. "okay, this this swab, insert it into your v____a and turn it 3 times, then insert it into your rectum and turn it 3 times.." i was like "YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?!" was very uncomfortable, but it shouldnt hurt.


ImpatientMommy - May 23

I just had my test the other day and I felt it go into my v____a and that was a littttle uncomfortable but it definitely didn't hurt! And I didn't even feel anythinig going on with my rectum, you'd think you''d notice something like that but I didn't at all.


due42512 - March 28

I just had mine this morning and I still have exactly what you have... it feels like I'm peeing broken gla__s and it is bleeding...only when I go pee though... being 36 weeks is hard when you are always going to the bathroom and having that pain is horrible! My Dr. told me exactly what he was going to do and it that I would only feel pressure but It hurt!!! I was so nervous until I read your post, thank you!!!!



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