Group B Strep Test Was Postive

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ITSABOY - June 17

I am only 29 weeks but i had the gbs test done early bc i am having alot of discharge and wet down there all the time.The doc says 40% of preg women will test positive for this but i am stil very scard.Has anyone else ever had this?I am also having this pain in my staomach started today lasts for about 10 sec or more and it is every 5-10 min is this braxton hicks?Someone please help me out here this my first baby and i am worried!The pain i feel in my stomach hurts fo braxton hicks hurt and this takes my breath away but only for about a min or less.


AmandaManns - June 17

I also tested positive for GBS. I actually found out that I had GBS when I was only 12 weeks pregnant through a routine urine test, therefore the worry was there the whole pregnancy. My doctor told me with was nothing to worry about and I did a lot of research on the internet and it is a very very common thing as you mentioned. When I had my v____al test for GBS done at 36 weeks the culture actually came back negative, this proves that GBS comes and goes and is not always present. Because I did test positive for GBS I was put on penicillin while I was in labor. It really was not big deal, I just had an IV and every 4 hours the would come in and put the penicillin in, and it did burn when it first went in (the medicine) but nothing I could not handle and that was it. My baby boy was born very healthy at 10lbs even and had no signs or symptoms of GBS!!! I hope this helps ease your mind because it is a really common thing and as long as you get the antibiotics during labor your baby will be born beautiful and healthy!!! GOOD LUCK!!


babyluv - June 17

I was not tested with my last dd(doctor "forgot") and unfortunately she contracted the GBS. It was bad and we were very lucky with her . I switched OBs and this time around he is on top of things. I am 35 weeks now. Good luck to you, everything will be fine since you were tested.


Nerdy Girl - June 17

GBS is not a big deal. I know that when they tell you that you have it, you feel like you have some sort of STD or something. I panicked a little bit when mine came back positive too. But like your doc said, a large percentage of women will test positive. It's a harmless natural bacteria found in some women's v____as. Correction - harmless to the woman, but very dangerous to the baby. They didn't used to test for GBS years ago, and a lot of children have serious lifelong problems because of GBS exposure during birth. Thank goodness that they know now to test for it. They will give you antibiotics during the birth. I did not need the antibiotics with my 1st baby because I had a c-section and my water bag did not break on its own. With my 2nd baby, my water broke and I needed the antiobiotics. The only thing negative effect from the antiobiotics was that we got a nasty case of thrush (like a yeast infection of the baby's mouth and your nipples if you b___stfeed). This was a really pain in the #$% to deal with, but it cleared up.



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