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Heather - December 27

I was wondering if anyone had tested positive and what they have learned/ been told about labor and after effects.


Jbear - December 27

I had group B strep. I was given antibiotics while they were trying to induce my labor.


shelbi - December 27

if you take antibiotics early on, they can come back during labor, so generally they give you antibiotics during labor. they usually administer penicillin (or type thereof) through an IV. if you're allergic to that, they should administer clyndamiacin. if you don't take the antibiotics, there's a 1 in 200 chance the baby can contract the disease. if you do have the antibiotics (which is usually given in two doses during a 4-6 hr time period) the chance is reduced to 1 in 4000 (but my doctor said it's more like a million, lol). there's still only a 1 in 10000 chance that the baby will get sick from the disease (b/c it's possible it could be dormant). if the baby does get sick, it could lead to pneumonia and possibly death.


Heather - December 27

Has anyone had this and had a short labor. If it is given in 2 doses in a 4-6 hour time during labor, what about if your labor is only 2-3 hours. My first was only 2.5 hours and everyone says this one could go faster. I didn't think about this until after I left the dr office. I just found out today that I tested positive. I go back to the dr next week so I can talk to them about it again, I was just wondering what everyone else knew. Thank you girls for your input.


Lisa - December 28

Hi Heather - I too would like to find out as much as possible about Group B Strep. I was diagnosed with it at around 27 weeks, through a urine culture. I took 10 days of oral antibiotics but have read so much conflicting info I don't know what to think about labor. My doctor is being very non-chalant about it too. I saw a woman on Discovery Health channel who had it and did the IV antibiotics while in labor. She and her baby were both fine, but it scares me BAD! This is my second baby so I'm thinking labor will be quicker than the first. Please keep me posted if you find out anything else, and good luck to you!!


Heather - December 28

Lisa - I know that even if you took oral antibiotics before labor, they still reccomend the iV because of the likelyhood that you will once again be colonized by the time of labor. I too am extremely worried about a short labor. my first labor was only 2.5 hours and they don't expect this one to be as long. I'm wondering if it is worth it to take the iv - which probably won't reach the baby in time but will more than likely give us thrush making b___stfeeding dificult and painful.


Heather - December 29

I go for an NST today - the nurses monitor me while the dr has reg office visits in another pt of the hospital and they jsut communicate with the drs, but I'm going to see if the nurses can give me any info since I don't go back to the dr until 5 Jan and I don't think I can go that long without asking any info. Only good thing about that appt is that I see the head of our ob dept and he is also the dr that will be inducing me (if I make it to my induction date (39 weeks))! Wish me luck for no contractions today!!


Heather - December 29

I talked to the nurses today at my NST, and they said the most important thing is to get the first dose, they are more comfortable if you get two, but at least one. I go to the dr on the 5th and will talk to them more about it. Anyone else let me know if they know more.


Lisa - December 29

Thanks for the info Heather! Good luck to you and keep us informed. I appreciate the info. Just out of curiosity, though, why are they inducing you?


Heather - December 29

I'm being induced b/c early in my pregnancy my bp went up just under 140/90 then went down around 120/80 in second trimester. A few weeks ago it went back up & they diagnosed me with chronic hypertension. Now that they did that I have to see dr every week and have 2 NST's a week. Funny thing is that ever since I started my NST's my bp has stayed between 110/58 and 120/70! They still plan to induce b/c I was already diagnosed and they have to worry about fluid level and placenta. I did the same thing with my first - born on her due date, and her placenta was dying (not giving her the nutrition she needed anymore) and they said if I had carried her another day or 2 I could have lost her. Dr would rather get her out early than take a chance again.


Lisa - December 30

Oh my gosh, Heather, how scary!! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be nosy, but I read that Group B "streppers" should not be induced, or in other words, that should not be a reason to induce in and of itself. I'm sorry for all you are going through - I sure hope everything turns out perfect for you this time around too. How far along are you, and do you know what you are having? I'm due 3/16 and am having my second girl. I'm excited, but starting to get really uncomfortable. I had a premature labor scare recently so I'm hoping and praying Little Miss stays put for the duration!


Heather - December 30

Lisa - thank you for your thoughts. I am 35 weeks 5 days and we are supposed to be having another girl! DH is thrilled! I'm sure the induction will be best if I can make it that long! With the induction, they can start the antibiotics before inducing me, giving me a better chance of making it 4-6 hours. It kind of stinks that I'm hoping for a longer labor. But I guess it is worth it if it helps the baby! I've been having some active contractions and they say that I am "probably" progressing but don't want to check me since they want me to wait until 23 jan. I went into preterm labor with my first at 5 months and then this time at 6 months. After my first preterm scare with my first, I never had another contraction until I went into labor! When is your next dr appt? How long was your first labor?


rl - December 30

I just had my group b strep done today, How long does it take to get the results? I remeber I had it done with my 2nd and it was neg I hope it will be the same this time kind of worried after reading these posts I did not think it was that big a deal but I guess it is...good luck to those of you that have it and I will post with my results when I find out by the way I am 35wks with my 3rd and last boy,,,,


Heather - December 31

results shouldn't take long to get back. I had an appoinment a week after my culture so I never called to get my results, they had them at the next appt.


Lisa - January 3

Hi Heather ~ Happy New Year! Hope you are hanging in there. Good luck at your appointment on the 5th!! I'm supposed to go this week too. I'm going to ask my doctor A LOT of questions about GBS. To answer your question, I was induced with my first one 10 years ago and was in labor for 15 hours. No fun at all. They didn't even do the Group B Strep test way back then! I'm just nervous with this one and the premature labor scare recently. Plus I hear that the second labor is always quicker. I wonder if that's true in my case since it has been 10 years?! Seems like the 'ole uterus would have returned pretty much to normal by now, huh?! Anyway, good luck Thursday and keep us informed!! ***rl, hope you got good news too!! Take care.


Heather - January 3

Well, I went for an NST today & dr came in to tell me that my test came back positive for preeclampsia - not just hypertension. So I am absolutely going to be induce no later than 23 jan. I still have appt w/ dr on thur. TOday they said that if I'm induced, they shouldn't have any problem getting at least 2 doses in. If I go naturally and only get one dose, they will watch baby closely & do extra blood work :( and if there is the slightest sign of a problem they will put baby on an iv. So I'm a little more comfortable. Thur my appt is with the head of the obgyn dept and he will be the one actually administering my induction if I make it, so hopefully it will go well. I have a whole list of questions for him already!



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