Guess Where My Baby Is

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Lindsay - January 24

Ok maybe some of you more exp mommas can help me. I dont get kicked in my ribs, but my right side of my ribs is sore from something hard pushing against it. I feel hiccups and most movement down very low. I never feel anything pushing up against the left side of my ribs, they are always untouched. Im almost 33 weeks. What is you guess as to her position, bc I cant tell at all. Is it her head Im feeling in my right ribs or her butt?


Sam - January 24

You're describing the same position my baby's in (I'm 39 weeks). Her head is down low, her b___t kind of in the middle and her legs on my right side. So I feel most of the movement on my right side where the feet and legs are.


Mary - January 24

That's exactly what I'm feeling from my baby. Today she was pushing way up into the right side of my ribs and it hurts so bad. I don't really feel anything on my left side. I feel her hiccups way down low too and she hasn't been kicking my frontside, more like my backside which doesn't feel too nice. I'm 30 weeks.


JennyC - January 25

I'm 32 weeks and feel the pushing on the right side, too, but not on the left. My doc said that is because my liver is on the right and its big and you can feel it when it gets pushed. On the left is the spleen and its much smaller, so you can't feel it very well when it gets pushed. Sorry, I'm no help with the position guessing. My doctor is guessing that she's head down right now, but he isn't positive. He said as her head gets harder and her bottom gets squishier, it will be much easier to tell.


Mandi - January 25

I am 39W2D (had to add the two days in there). My baby is also positioned on my right side (entirely) --- and has been for my entire pregnancy. By your description I would guess head down. I always feel Brandon's hiccups in my pelvic area....but another indicator of the baby's location is where they find his/her heartbeat at the OB/GYN. Check it out next time you are there. If they find the heartbeat at your belly b___ton or lower --- the baby is usually head down (even by 33 weeks). If they find it closer to your middle, then possibly a breach or transverse little one. Never fear to ask the doc (they are always acting like they are in such a hurry --- but you DESERVE their time). They can usually tell you about the position of your baby --- either by external palpation or the heartbeat location alone. Best of luck.


Emmakirst - January 25

That's the same position my baby is in. I feel all the movement on my right side up by my ribs. Then she'll stick her bum out and up in my diaphragm. I feel the hiccups low down by my groin. I definately know that is the position baby is in, because OB did an ultrasound today to check on baby. Oh i am 29 1/2 wks.


Janice - January 25

Well I guess Im a little different from you all, lol, the hardness in my belly is on my left side, and feels like either the babys head or b___t is off to the left of my navel , right side of my stomach is soft spongy still lol



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