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ssmith - February 26

Hi ladies. I was just wondering if anyone else out there is feeling this way....I am 33 weeks now, and don't know what s_x the baby is. Lately I find myself thinking that I hope it's a girl and not a boy. I know that I should be happy as long as the baby is healthy, but these thoughts keep creeping in...especially when I'm tired. I feel so guilty for thinking that I do not want a boy. I am almost afraid that I will be disappointed if it's a boy, even though I know that I will love my baby more than anything once I see it and hold it. I can't help but worry about these feelings of only wanting a girl.


redhead mary - February 26

i didnt know my first was a boy... in fact i even told people it was a girl almost the whole pregancy.... i didnt have any boy names picked out, didnt ever think of a boy when i daydreamed of "her" lol.. and what do ya know... I HAD A BOY!!! When i saw him though for the first time my mind was clear of any preconception... It all clicked and i knew i was supposed to have a boy first for a reason.... You will love your child unconditionally no matter what it is.. i promise you...i had everything invested in my son being a girl..i even had "her" some pink clothes....hahahha i laugh at it now because it seems so hard to believe... dont worry mama will be an awesome mommy to a girl or a boy....peace out and have a good mama day...


ssmith - February 26

Thank you for your great message. This whole pregnancy has been so amazing and overwhelming...I think I just need to see my baby and hold "it" in my arms and then everything will be okay!! Thanks again for sharing your story, it made me giggle. You have a great "mama day " too!!


Amy - February 26

Hello. I am 32 weeks on my second pregnancy. My first, I wanted a girl so bad but had feelings I was gonna have a boy. When I had the u/s that showed I was having a boy, I was still happy as could be. And when I had him, my love for him was more than what words could say. I would never trade him for the world. I am sure that alot of people go through times they say they want a girl or they want a boy. Does not make them a bad person though. And, I am sure that when you have your baby, you will be more than happy at what the baby will be. No need to feel guilty. Take a deep breath and smile:) You will be holding your bundle of joy soon. And I gaurantee that if you end up having a boy, that you will not feel disappointed. Your feelings and emotions are takin you for a ride right now. That is normal. Take care and congrats!



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