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anne - July 30

I gave birth at 7:25 am on the 29th of July - and it was oddly painless. 25 hours of slow labour, arrived at the hospital (as some of you know i planned to head over) and found out i was 3 min apart! I didn't even know! The hospital itself was a nightmare - even though i was 3 min apart, i was only 1 cm dilated so they tried to send me home. i walked around the hospital for over 2 hours, then felt sick - was readmitted to only discover i was infact in labour. was a long day and night, but after 10 minutes of pushing she came out. oh yes - its a girl!!!!!! 7 lbs 10 oz. we are soooo happy!! wanted to share it with you all and thank you once again for your advice. if you have questions, let me know!!! oh and i did get the epidural after they broke my water - it's good but my legs went dead. good luck you guys!!!


Lindsay - July 30



nm - July 31



sara - July 31

Hi Anne, Congratulations and thanks for sharing your birth story! Enjoy your little girl.


Narthax - July 31

Congrats to you !!


anne - July 31

Thank you! Girls, take it easy after you deliver - and avoid a c-section. trust me, it may be quicker but it takes longer to heal. I had a v____al delivery and can barely move from my bed. avoid the c-section!!! I cant imagine what its like to be this hurt AND to be cut. I still cant believe this baby came out of *me*.. it looks so big lol


Staci - July 31

Anne~ c0ngrats!!!! Questions- of course! Tell us about it, what do we first timers need to know? Oh so happy for you girlie! Hugs!


to anne - August 1

i have a question please how broke your water and what about your legs ????? can you move from your place thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!!!


anne - August 1

they broke my water with some long plastic yellow stick (sounds scary, but you really dont even feel it). as soon as your water breaks - pain starts creeping in, so ask for the epidural right away to prevent it. i could ove my legs with the epidural - but, they put it in wrong and only half of my body was numb from the waist down, so they gave me a bigger dose which caused my legs not to work at all. one leg fell over the side of the bed and a nurse had to pick it up when she saw it. my legs felt pretty dead and veryyyyyy hot. i couldn't even move my toes. normally though, you have weird numbness for about an hours in your feet then it just goes away - in my case i had a huge dose that caused me to be bed bound. i hope this helps..



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