Had My Baby Boy

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Jilloh - April 9

He arrived at last. I had been given three different due dates beginning with April 3, then it was April 2, and finally March 31. Well I went to the doctor on March 23 and the doctor said that I was tightly closed and they were going to set up an induction date because they didn't want me to go to far over due because of blood pressure. They said it was their hope that I would go into labor before my induction date. Well, the next week they called and I was going to be induced at 5am on April 3. I went to the doctor on March 30 and he said well you are still closed and we want to try something so we will move the time you go to the hospital to Sunday night. I arrived at the hospital Sunday April 2 and told them I was there to be induced. I was hooked up to the heart monitor and a contraction monitor. The nurse looked at me and said "do you feel any contractions?" I told her no and asked her why. She told me that "you are having contractions already and they are 2-3 minutes apart." They went ahead and stated the pitocin at midnight but at only 2m/l per hour. At 8am I was finally dialated to a 1 and the doctor was able to break my water. They kept coming in asking what my pain level was on a scale of 0-10 and I never got above a 4 but I admit I did ask for the epidural early so I woundn't get a high pain level. At noon my I dialated to a 2 and by 1pm I was dialated to a 6. I slept through most of the labor. I said it hurts a few times. I never even felt them when they were checking dialation. The doctor had to use suction to get my boy out. Before delievery the doctor noticed that he was looking off to the left so they had me lay on my left side to get his head face down. They suctioned him and he was born at 5:05pm on Monday April 3, 2006. We named him Otto Isaac. The first name is after his great grandfather whom his dad thought a lot of. His middle name is the favored name by his mamma. He weighted 8 pounds 4 ounces and was 21 inches long. He scored really high on the APGAR at 1 minute he was at an 8 and the next one he was a 9. His jaundice kept him from a perfect 10. We got to come home from the hospital on Wednesday the 5th. We got to spend all day with him on the 6th. On the 7th we had to take him to the peditrician to check jaundice. It had peaked higher. So they ordered pediatric home health care and so we have him on bili lights here at home. It peaked again on Saturday, but by Saturday night he was getting better. Today he is still on the bili lights and they came and drew his blood, so hopefully it starts getting even better. It broke mommy's heart to see her baby in this condition.


Tamisha - April 11

Congrats to you Jilloh. I was waiting for you story, I had my baby girl on the 4th. I'm so sorry to hear about the jaundice as I can imagine how you must feel. While in the hospital my baby was hooked up to an iv because she had meconium, and during labor I spiked a temp, that was torture enough. I wish your baby a speedy recovery and again congrats



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