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torbman - June 18

Hey all. Had my baby boy June 16th. The night before I was to be induced, my contractions started, and kept waking me up. I kinda thought that it might be nerves. 4am, I got up and thought that maybe I should just time them. Then after using the washroom (sorry tmi) and seeing blood , I called the Labour and delivery. They wanted me to come in right them as they said that if I was seeing blood that my cervix must be dialating. I got up to the hospital, and the contractoins were 7 minutes apart. They started me on the pitocin anyways to get things more regulated. I think that I got to the hospital about 5 am. The docter finally came in later on after my contractions had been about 3-3 and a half minutes apart. The docter checked me and said that I was 5 centimeters, and that within 2 hours we shoud see baby. He said that he had to pop home and that to call with any changes. Well about 5 contractions later I was ready to push and the docter had to be called to come quick. Three pushes later he was out. No tearing and no stiches. Yah! 4 pounds and 11 onces, 17 inches long. He not once needed oxygen. He had a bit of a blood sugar problem but that has since stabilized. He is under some billi lights tonight, but he is taking bottles (my milk is not in yet) every 3 hours, doing really well. He is so tiny, but the more I am there, the more I am becoming comfortable with him. I got to change his bum lastnight, Ah it was so cute. You could tell that there was a crease were his bum should be but he really didn't have any checks lol oh so cute. He is so presious. so by far the quickist pregnancy I ever had. Since we found out at 12 weeks, and had him at 34 weeks, that was quick. I am done though, three is enough. LOL Its your girls turn. Thank you to so many who gave me words of encouragment, and helped me along the way. Thanks ladies. (Tamara) Oh ya his name LOL..........Joel David Daniel Haylow.


ashley - June 18

wow so how far along were you again? I know your water had broke, you made it to 34 weeks? wow congrats. Im glad he didn't need oxygen, guess the steroid shots must have worked..


Deb - June 19

I'm glad to hear everything went well! Thanks for your advice on the "leaking" post. I went to the doctor and got checked to see if I was leaking am. fluid and I am not. I'm 37 weeks on Wednesday so hopefully I'll be right behind you!


marie - June 19

Congratulations!!! I'm glad to hear that there were no complications!!! Have fun with your new baby.


Angiconda - June 19

Congrats thats great news! I am jealouse hehe!


Nita_ - June 19

oh wow! Congrats! Happy to hear there were no complications with the birth or the baby!!


Been There - June 19

That is so cool. It's almost like little Joel knew he had to get things started for you. Glad to see he's doing well. Congratulations to you and your (now larger) family!


miraclebaby - June 19

congratulations to you, glad everything worked out ok. enjoy him



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