Had My Baby Boy At 36 Weeks His Story

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Alyssam21 - May 25

I HAD MY BABY BOY!!!! Simon Andrew came exactly one month early at 36 weeks. Here is his baby story: I had a regular appt. on Thursday, May 28th. I got there and we went through the regular routine. At the last visit he was in a breech position. She wanted to check through U/S to see if he still was. So we went into the U/S room. When she began to look she noticed that yes he was still breeched but then she also noticed that his amniotic fluid was low again. But this time it was VERY low. It had reached a 3. She then told me there were two things they could do. They could either put me on fluids for 24 hrs and watch what happens or simply take baby out that day. So to make a decision she wanted to check babys measurements and growth. Well it turned out his head was measuring right on at 36 weeks but his stomach was measuring at 33 weeks. She said that meant he was not receiving enough nutrients. All the nutrients he was receiving was going to his brain because that is where it is needed most. So she made the decision to have the baby that day. Well I really wanted a va___al delivery so she said we could still attempt a version (meaning moving him to a head down position by pushing on my stomach externally.) She also did mention that a breech va___al delivery is possible but with his condition and fluid level it was not a good idea. So at 11:15 on May 18th, I was sent up to labor and delivery. By 12:00/12:15 my doctor was attempting the version and it ended unsuccessfully. He would not budge, not even a little bit. Let me add that was one of the most painful experiences ever! So she announced, "Okay lets get ready for a c-section." I'm like now? And she said yep. It was almost 12:30 now. At 12:58 little Simon Andrew was born weighing 5 lbs. and 11 ounces and was 19 1/4 inches! WOW, what a day! Everything happened SO FAST and in a rush it was so scary. But I have my little man now and my DH and I are in such a dream land! It's been tough adjusting to motherhood, but so wonderful at the same time.


Tillie - May 25

Congratulations Alyssam!! That's wonderful news! I've been going through the exact same fluid complication and have been so stressed out--my fluid level was a 2 last week and I was hospitalized, but it's up a little now and I'm waiting to see if/when I'll be induced. How did they measure your baby's stomach? I'm wondering if my doctor did that? I get an ultrasound every day now, so probably they have...it's SO good to hear your story, though, and know that it can all turn out all right! Best of luck.


Nita_ - May 25

Congrats Alyssam. So nice to hear your baby story. Am glad your baby and you are all doing well. :)


Alyssam21 - May 25

Thank you Tillie and Nita_! Tillie: They measure the stomach just like they measure the head through ultrasound. Then the machine does a deally and tells you what everything is measuring at. Baby is doing amazing for being 36 weeks. When we left the hospital on Sunday his weight was down to 5 ibs 1 oz. Now one week later he is up to 5 obs 6 oz. He was hospitalized for 24 hrs because of his Bili levels (jaundice) and put under lights but other then that he is doing great now and just like a normal full term baby would be! Good luck to you!



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