Had My Baby Boy Joshua May 10 2006

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newmom24 - May 18

Hi everyone. Just wanted to write and say that we had our son on May.10th at exactly 11pm. It was a va___al birth and a very long labour at that. My contractions started at 2am on the 10th, and my water did not break until 730pm that evening. The doctor thought that I would of had a csection if my dialation did not begin. I had 4 hours of active labour and then the birth event occured!!!! I got a 2nd degree tear due to the doctor having to pull Joshua into a different position. Not because of his head, or anything like that. She apologized after - bit sore now , but getting better everyday. I totally recommend the Perineal Massage for stretching down there. Joshua is healthy and very busy. Learning new things everyday, and finding being a new mommy hard at times. I wish all of you the best of luck with your deliveries, and the wonderful days to follow. My advice is to nap when your baby does. So far that is what I have been doing. B--tfeeding, napping, eating and drinking. They say that the first 2 weeks are the hardest for the adaption and changes. I know that they are right. Take care everyone.


dee23 - May 18

congrats on your new little boy newmom24! and thx for your advice too....i hear from alot of different ppl that perineal ma__sage does and doesnt work...well, no harm in trying! good to hear that u are relaxing when u can, ur bubby was a myrical (sp?), u must be very proud :)


ash2 - May 18

congrats new mom ! i am 38 weeks pregnant and trying to and hoping to start labor on my own. how many weeks were you when you delivered ? did your contractions wake you up ?


Evonna - May 19

Congratz on your new baby boy Joshua!!! = ]


^lucy^ - May 21

congratulations :) i had my baby girl Taleen on 16/5 and im napping while she does as well.. best thing to do :)


newmom24 - May 26

thank you all for your thoughts and write ups. ash2 I had him at 40 weeks and yes my contractions did wake me up. I was experiencing light ones at first, but then at 2am they hit me hard. Good luck to you. Everything will be awesome! In regards to starting labour on your own- try nipple stimulation, orgasms, s_x, anything that works! I know that this helped me :) fun way trying too.



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