Had My Baby Girl

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Jenn2 - June 22

I woke up friday morning friday 6/16 feeling a little wierd. The day before my doctor had stripped my membranes, and shortly after I started feeling menstral cramps (at that appointment I was only 1.5 to 2 cm dilated) and I was 41 weeks pregnant. I did not realize I was in labor that morning b/c my water had not broken and all I was feeling was on and off menstral cramps that were not that bad. I started timing them, and sure enough they were 5 min. apart. I called my husband at work and told him to come home. By the time my husband got home the contractions were 3 to 4 min. apart, and getting a little stronger, but still manageable. We got our bags in the car and headed to the hospital (which is only 5 min from our house). When I got there, we checked in and once I got up to the room......they checked me and I was only 3cm dilated! I thought I would have been more at that point, but the contractions were still not bad. My water broke on its own at 2:10 pm. Thats when the contractions started becoming more intense. the nurse checked me shortly after and within an hour I had gone from 3cm to 7cm. I found the contractions really hard to bear at that point, so I asked for the epidural. Well the anesthesiologist took his merry time getting to my room, so by the time he administered it I was in transition, but it was still worth getting b/c thats when it was really hard to bear, and my labor was going so fast that I did not have a break in between contractions b/c they were 2 min. apart, and very strong. I delivered my little girl at 6:44pm, and she was 8 pounds 7 ounces (21.5 long). She is so beautiful, and I could not have had a better labor. Only a little over 4 hours from the time my water broke to when I delivered, and she is my first! I did not have an episiotomy, and did not tear!! I feel so fortunate. I wish all you other ladies good luck!!


Christan - June 22

Congratulations Jenn2. We all hope are labor is that short and sweet!


livdea - June 22

that sounds like a great labor Jenn!! Congrats on your little one!!! YAY!


Steph - June 22

Aww!! Congrats to you!! Your patient waiting paid off with a smooth and easy delivery! :o)


lindsay - June 22

way to go, jenn2!!! congratulations!! i'm so happy for you that you didn't end up having to be induced! and it went so fast... what a great story!! i've missed talking to you but now we get to share stories about our little ones (so much more exciting than what our cervix is doing, lol!) good luck and i'll talk to you soon. by the way , how is b___stfeeeding going for you?? and you're so lucky you didn't need any st_tches :-)


lindsay - June 22

oh, what's her name???


Nora1 - June 22

Congrats Jenn! Sounds perfect! :)


GraphxGirl - June 22

Sounds like you did just fine with labor and delivery :) Congrats on your new baby !!


mommie2b - June 22

Well I am glad to hear that you had your baby girl. congrats to you and enjoy her. GOOD LUCK


Nita_ - June 22

Congrats Jenn! I hope my labor is as short and sweet as yours and that too with no tear/episiotomy!! Did you do pereneal ma__sage or something else to help with that?


Lindsey - June 22

Congratultions Jenn, see you on infant care, I wish my labour had been like yours, you must be so pleased. Whats your little one called??


angelbebe - June 22

Congrats!! Sounds like a great labor. Isn't finally having her in your arms wonderful?!! I fall in love more each day. See ya on infant care!


Lorikap - June 22

Yay! What a great birth story! I hope that mine goes as easily as yours. Congrats on your beautiful little girl. I'm so excited to have mine soon! And yes, what's her name?


dee23 - June 22

congrats jenn!!!! :) how wonderful it must be to have your little angel to look at at last! just wondering, u didnt tear or get a cut done, did u do perineal ma__sage and kengals? sry for the personal question.


marie - June 22

Congrats Jenn!!!


Been There - June 22




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