Had My Baby Girl

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mama3 - May 11

I went in the hospital Tuesday May 9th at 9am for my induction. Though i found out I was already in labor and 5 cm. They tryed to break my water but the baby moved back up. So my mid-wife put me on potocin to help her move back down. They started it around 11am and at 1pm she broke my water. I had alot of very hard contractions. At 2:20pm I started pushing. It hurt alittle more than I had remember with my other two. At 2:47pm My wonderful baby girl Kelly Mae entered this world. She was blue and not breathing well. She had the cord around her neck. They cleaned her out and gave her some oxygen and put her under the heat lamp for awhile. She was 8 lbs 4 oz. which explains why she hurt more. lol... She was 19 and a quarter inches long. She is short and chubby. She has dark blue eyes and dark hair. She eats and sleeps well. She doesnt seem to be bothered by her sisters running around and playing. Which I am very thankful for. I cant beleive that I had her without even getting cut, lol. I did tair just alittle but not enough for stiches. YEAH!!! Her whole L/D lated 5hrs and 47mins. I am on iron pills twice a day, I lost a bit more blood than I should have, but other than that I am going about my normal routine. I even took Kelly to have her pictures done before coming home today. I cant beleive how much love is inside one person. I love the feeling of having all 3 of my girls together. Best wishes for all ladys waiting and Congrats on all who have been given there babies.


Steph - May 11

Aww congrats on your new addition and YAY for you on short delivery!!


Catherine - May 11

Congrats!!! I'ts good to here that you are home and doing well with your three girls.


mama3 - May 11

TY and I too was very happy about the short delivery. TY


Nora1 - May 11

Congratulations! And also thanks for your advice on the natural child birth posting. It obviously can be done! Thanks and have fun with your 3 girls! :)


mama3 - May 11

TY Nora1 and yes it can be hun. GL


Been There - May 11

That is so sweet! Congratulations to you and your Family!



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