Had My Baby Girl Taleen

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^lucy^ - May 19

hiiiii moms to beeee.. i wanted to share with u my birth story :) i had my baby girl on Tuesday May 16 2006 at exactly 8:38 am.. everything wasnt expected.. i was 38 weeks and 6 days exactly on that day.. i went to the hospital the day before cz i felt sudden pain which i though those are contractions and im in labor.. cz this is my 1st baby i had no idea what to expect.. they woke me up from an afternoon nap and wee 10 minutes apart.. anyway we went to hospital and took the bag and everything was ready.. they put me on the monitor and guess what? all the pain was gone for the entire 40 minutes!!! i only had a slight soft contraction.. i told them this couldnt be cz it wasnt like that at home.. anyway they sent us back and we went to the mall for a walk and i had a big scoop of baskin robins :D hehe.. that was a treat :P once we were back home contractions came back much more painful than before but i decided to stay home to make sure those are the ones.. i was watching tv with hubby and my family.. 2 am they became unbearable.. we went to ER and they put me on the monitor again.. they were 2-5 minutes apart but the monitor couldnt catch any intense pain!!! nurses were telling me that im overdoing it.. i knew i wasnt.. anyway i was in so much pain and i was only 1.5 cm dilated.. they admitted me but said that i wont be in labor soon.. it will take so much time cz im not dilated enough (i was 1 cm for the past week) and i was 40% effaced at that time.. dr called hospital and told them to give me an injection so i can sleep.. i will wake up only during the contraction.. at 6 am they gave me this shot and i felt asleep but it was miserable.. they checked me and i was 2 cm by that time only.. i felt i would pass out.. i slept in between contractions but suffered when the pain came and they were only 2 minutes apart so not much sleeping,. hubby and mom were beside me trying to make me feel better.. anyway at 8 i woke up crying and called the nurses.. i was shouting I FEEL I NEED TO PUUUUUUUSH hehehe it was such a moment!!! the nurse jumped and called all other nurses, checked me and i was FULLY dilated!!! ER staff came into my room and were running alll around me.. called the dr and said we might have to deliver u in this room!!! they were scared baby would come on the way to operations room.. anyway they runned all through the hall and finally we made it there.. i was passing out during that time and they made me sleep on my side and cross my legs and asked me to not push cz baby's head was coming out!! in OR dr was waitting for me she's the best dr i saw in my whole life.. made me comfortable.. i was shaking the whole time from pain,.. 3 pushes exactly and 5 minutes in OR and my baby Taleen was out!! that was so fast.. hubby and mommy were with me in labor room and were crying.. my sis and dad came in after baby was out.. i had an episotomy.. NO DRUGS what so ever.. it was tough ladies but u'll literally feel ur baby coming out of u but u'll be numb down there.. i passed out after that i guess and they took me to operations room to get my st_tches done cz they passed me out wth drugs so i wont feel the pain cz i was shivering and shaking from tireness.. it was an amazing experience.. were at home now.. baby is sleeping beside me peacefully.. im b/feeding as well and it is great!!! oh i forgot to mention.. baby weight 2.86 KGs and is 48 cm in length.. she's a tiny baby!! beautiful grey eyes and few blond hairs!! very long nails though hehe.. good luck to u all and i wanted to tell all of u that natural delivery is great and not scary.. this was my first baby ever and i didnt know what to expect and did it with no medications, pain killers, or drugs.. my epi s healing well thanks God i had 6 st_tches, 1 st_tch everywhere.. there are internal ones but its fine.. i guess.. take care and enjoy the delivery moments its really a blessing and such an experience!!!


^lucy^ - May 19

i forgot to mention that im 22 yrs old and my water broke in the delivery room :)


torbman - May 19

Congradulations Lucy, you did well for your first child! Take care


angelbebe - May 19

Heh! And the nurses said you weren't going into labor soon. Like they can predict that!! Good thing they admitted you! You obviously knew you were in labor despite what they said! Congrats on a healthy, natural birth. For someone who is planning to go this drug free at home, your birth story is encouraging. Enjoy this beautiful time with your baby girl!


Evonna - May 19

Congratz on having your baby girl Taleen, by the way, the name is pretty. = ]


ash2 - May 19

congrar lucy! i cannot belive tey were gonna send you home !


^lucy^ - May 20

thanks a lot for ur kind thoughts :) good luck to all of u during ur deliveries



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