Had My Baby Induced No C Section At 38 Weeks

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Chrissy - May 23

Hi all! First of all, I need to thank each and every one of you for being the greatest source of support possible over the last few months! And here is my story! I was induced last Wed. the 17th. I went in at 7 am, had the IV of Pitocin in me by 8:15. I had actually started losing my mucus plug that morning a couple hours before we went in! Anyway, after about an hour on the IV, I was contracting about every 2 1/2 min, I was still pretty comfortable. Around 11:00 they came to give me my epidural, and I was still doing all right, but getting just a little more uncomfortable but not bad at all really. At noon my doctor broke my water, I was about 4-5 cm dilated by then. I had been 3 1/2 cm on Monday before we even went in by the way. Between 1 and2pm I started to dilate like crazy! I went from 5 to 8cm in an hour, and started getting uncomfortable. They catheterized me then, but it was weird because I could still pee on my own and I felt them catheterize me and it stung and bothered me so they took it out. That's when they realized the epidural wasnt working. The anesthesiologist was paged and he turned it up, but it didn't numb me in the right spots, reallyjust my belly but nothing below. and by the time they could have done anything it was really to late to move it. But we did okay anyway! The pain is so temporary. Well from 2-3pm I dilated the rest of the way, and the doctor had me start pushing at around 3:00. I really only had to push for about a half an hour, whcih wasn't bad at all and my beautiful angel baby girl was born at 3:37 pm!!!!! We didn't know what we were having so she was a beautiful surprise!! We named her Alexia Morgan, and she weighed 7lbs. 9 oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long. She is already the love of my life and I can't imagine how i lived without her this long. I wrote the part about "no c section" in the t_tle of this because I know a few of us were worried about being induced and having it turn into a c section, so I just wanted to show that it can go smoothly! Best of luck to all of you! Hugs and kisses! Chrissy


Steph - May 23

Glad all went well for you!! Congrats on your little girl!! :o)


Dia_ - May 23

Yea, Chrissy!!!! Congrats :) Sounds like it all went so wonderful! Is there anyway you can describe what your contractions felt like? I know everyone is different, but I think I may be having very light contractions but have no idea!!!! Any help is appreciated :) Congrats again!!!


Been There - May 23

That is wonderful! It looks like you were ready to go anyone. That's a great induction story as so many people have been discussing if inductions end with c-sections anyway. Congratulations to your and your family!


lindsay - May 24

congrats, chrissy! i was induced w/ my first and delivered v____ally, and pray if i have to be induced again that all will go just as smoothly... enjoy the new love of your life!


Chrissy - May 24

Thank you everyone! I hope things are going well for everybody! Dia, I will do my best to describe the contractions. It just felt like an intense tightening of my belly, but different somehow than the braxton hicks because those never made me uncomfortable. I wouldn't say they were "painful" just like they were achy and tight. And they just felt hard to breathe through because of the tightness. I always thought when I heard they were hard to breathe through that it was because of the pain, but really it was more just because everything got so tight. I never did the "he-he" breathing I was taught on my lamaze video. Through to the end I was able to do deep breaths in and out which really helped. I think that "he-he" breathing would have just made me light headed because I never really got the hang of it when I was practicing anyway! :) I hope this helps! Good luck! Chrissy :)


Nita_ - May 25

Congrats Chrissy and thanks for sharing your story. And what a pretty name for your baby girl!! Cherish every moment with her and having heard your story, can't wait for my little baby to arrive. good luck with everything!!



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