Had My Baby Shower Got Nothing From The Registry

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Kat - December 5

Hi ladies, I'm almost 31 weeks and just had my baby shower. A bit earler, I know, but with the holidays.... Anyways, I got very few things from my registry. Lot of people got me teethers and my son now has about 100 blankets. I know I should be thankful for any gifts recieved, but why bother registering if people ignore it? Anyone else out there in a similar situation?


Jen - December 5

I have to say, the same thing happened to me- and I had 3 showers! I pretty much expected it though, cuz my family and my hubby's family just don't do the registry thing. I got more clothes (which I guess is better than blankets/teethers) than my baby will ever be able to wear. I literally get over 50 outfits in size 0-3 months, and my son is expected to weigh over 8lbs at birth!!!! I suggest going to places like Walmart and Target to see if they carry any of the items you received that you can't use. These stores have very easy return policies, and you can always exchange for baby items there. Good luck!


Emy - December 5

I have heard this happening before. I have mine next week and I can already tell (by looking) that people are ignoring the registry. It is quite irritating. I did not have a registry for my wedding and everyone complained. So, now that I have one, no one is going. It is really weird.


jb - December 5

I know how you feel. I just had my shower yesterday as well. I got some stuff off the registery but alot of stuff that wasnt on it. I really didnt need clothes b/c I already have a ton!! But of course I got a bunch of outfits. I also got alot of blankets. I got 2 bathtubs as well. I am taking one back and taking some of the packs of onesies I got to Target. They should at least give me store credit. I wouldnt worry, you can take some stuff back. Leave some extra blankets and teethers at grandmas house, and give some away. Either to Goodwill or you can sell the stuff at yard sales or on Ebay!


omigosh! - December 5

me too! everyone asked me, where are you registered? for weeks before the shower. i told them and i think we got like two things off the registry. we had to go out and buy everything ourselves anyway. and i didn't mean to be rude or ungrateful either, but really, if you specifically know what you NEED then why don't people buy that? we ended up with so many brands of bottles and only wanted Dr. Brown's, so we took the rest back. We both hate registered cartoon things like Sesame Street, Disney, Pooh, etc and got a lot of that - took them back, they didn't fit our "theme". And we had already purchased our carseat, WHICH EVERYONE KNEW ABOUT!!! and only needed the stroller we registered for to go with it, but for the shower we got an entirely diff. stroller that the carseat didn't even fit into. I just didn't get it!!! We got TONS of clothes, which we had already purchased ourselves. And tons and tons and tons of blankets. I have so many pink and purple blankets now and only three of them ever get used. Guess I could take them to a thrift shop or something.


Ashley - December 5

I hope it helps that we aren't going to find out if it's a boy/girl. So if people can't think of what to buy, they just have to go with the registry. Still, if they want to get us a bunch of stuff we haven't asked for, we'll just take it back .... that's what we had to do for our wedding! :)


Jennifer - December 5

The same thing happened to me. I think we got 3 things off of our registrey. We ended up with tons of duplicates, like 3 bouncey seats! I just wrote out my thank you notes and exchanged a bunch of stuff for things the baby needed. We also got about 100 blankets, and several outfits for babies weighing 5-8 pounds. Big babies run in my family and they are born weighing 8-10 pounds, so I took those back and exchanged for bigger sizes too. I was very grateful that so many people thought of the baby and got him a gift, so I didn't want to hurt any feelings, just exchange things discreetly.


Sam - December 5

Same here. My first shower I got quite a bit off the registry (my friends, god love 'em). Then at my family's shower on Saturday, and my mo-in-law's shower next Saturday — nothing more has been bought off the registry. They said they had a hard time finding stuff but it seems everyone wants to buy one $20-$35 item and that's it -- they don't want to piece all the little stuff together, or go in on gifts. Oh well. Lots of things are going back. And most of the 0-3 month things, I just exchanged for outfits she can fit into next winter...there is no summer stuff out, so everything 3-6 mos. has to go back, too. Oddly enough, I got very few blankets for some reason. I got tons and tons of hooded towels and washcloths...some are going back. Here's a good story. My mom was searching for my bedding at Baby Depot--apparently you can only order it online and this is one day before my shower. So she panics and tells me we'll have to go shopping at K-mart (the only store like that in her small town) the night before the shower to pick something up. She said she would pay half for my bedding, so I decided I'd check Marshall's and see if I could find something cheaper. I did...I found a very cute green gingham crib set for $70. I told my mom and she was all happy that I found it and she didn't have to worry about a gift. So I'm opening my gifts at the shower, and there's one from my sister (who lives in Portland) in with the bag from my mom. It's an I heart NY onesie (she was there recently) and my mom says, oh, the gift is from your sister, too. Okkkkk.....whatever. I guess it would have been nice to know that beforehand, but whatever. THen my mom emails me today and says my grandma called her last night (lives in CA) and was worried about getting me a gift, she didn't know what to get, etc., so my mom offers to let her go in on the bedding. "Just put her on the thank you card," my mom says. Am I just super-super selfish and ungrateful or is this whole scenario a little strange? I mean, even a card from my grandma would be nicer than her "going in" on something I already have. No, I don't expect her to get anything big, or even to go to the store, but it seems a little odd to just do---well nothing. Like my sister. I'm upset with myself for letting this upset me. But it really is the thought that counts and sometimes my family members aren't very thoughtful. You should hear my wedding stories...


kr - December 5

This must happen to many of us. It happened to me and my hubby. If you can't return duplicates or can afford to give them away you could look into taking them to your local women's shelter or mall gift tree. Many women leave dangerous situations with almost nothing, some pretty baby items could really cheer them up.


Jennifer - December 5

Kr, that's a great idea to donate unused items to a local women's shelter. I have several things that I haven't even opened yet, or taken the tags off of. Thanks for the idea.


c - December 5

well, i have been registered at a baby store for about a month and a half now, the invitations to my shower went out a month ago, my shower is on sunday and 2 things have been bought off of my registry, i cheated and looked online (and my mother bought one of them!) like everyone else, all my friends/family have asked where i'm registered at, and, nothing.....i just don't get it, why ask if you aren't going to use it?? and not to complain further, but this is my first baby so i have next to nothing!! i guess i'll just be gracious at the shower, because something is better than nothing, and get in the return lines the next day; that's what i did for my wedding!! i don't get it..............now, don't get me wrong, i don't want to sound ungreatful or anything, because i've had over 30 responses to my shower, and i know that they will all bring stuff that the baby needs, but i guess i'm just peeved that i spent more than two hours in the stupid store picking stuff out for no apparent reason!!


val - December 5

This seems to happen all the time! I threw a shower for my friend, and she got hardly anything off her registries. Then my cousin had a shower and my mother and I were the only ones that bought off her registry. My MIL told us to start a registry already(I am 21 weeks) so she would know what to get for Christmas gifts, and she hasn't bought a single thing on it! The only things that have been purchased off of the registry are things myself or my mother have bought. I don't understand why people do this, they always want to know where you are registered but then don't get anything off the registry...


kaitlin - December 5

I think that especially when it comes to babies, people don't want to buy the practical stuff, they want to buy something really cute and unique - maybe that's why we end up with soooo many blankets and outfits! I agree it is really frustrating, though. At least you won't get duplicates of what you HAVE registered for. If that helps.


Kendra - December 5

I had my shower on Saturday, and I had the same problem. I also cheated and looked online to see what had been marked off - nothing! Although at the shower, there were a few things from it, so appearantly people either didn't tell the cashier it needed to come off my list, or it was the fault of the store, because I ended up with ALOT of the same things. I was able to return them, just a pain. I also got a billion things I didn't register for. Every shower I've ever been to for other people, they got useful things like diapers, and wipes, etc. - I could not believe that I did not get a single pack of diapers at my shower. No wipes, - basically nothing that I will actually need. They gave us a ton of clothes, that like most of you, will fit for maybe a couple of months, not even practical clothes, but instead really fancy, she'll never wear them clothes - and a bunch of them are really obscure custom, super expensive brands and I cannot find where they got them. So irritating. Like everyone else, I don't want to sound ungrateful, but we were hounded to register, it took forever to do, we liked the stuff we picked, and it was all stuff we needed! Grrr, I wish I could have had "Stick to the List!!" put on the invitations.


Mary - December 5

Ladies, unfortunately the reality of it is that people are cheap. No one wants to spend money or time on someone else. I'm being honest not everyone is like that but their are many. I told my mother not to bother with any of that the second time around. For my first child's baby shower my mother went all out, she made so much food and and some of the gifts I recived were so cheap like dollar store or things you can tell they were trying to get rid of. I know its wrong to say this but people really don't seem to care. They go for the food and drinks and it really is not worth it. Thats when you realize who your friends and family are. People don't want to spend money. A friend of mine called and asked what I needed and I told her to send me a gift card from Walmart or Target with any amount $10 or $15 so that I could buy diapers and she sent me a pacifier. Could you believe that. I know is the thought that counts but I WOULD never do something like that to anyone. You can tell you really cares and who does not. I had a lady that I hardly knew who was not invited to the baby shower give me a beautiful hand knitted outfit. It was so pretty and you could tell that it came from the heart. I loved it. Now that was very nice. Anyways Good Luck ALL!!


mother777 - December 5

i am having my shower on sunday. there will be about 50 adults. only one thing was brought from the registry. then one of my so-called friends that was bragging about giving me a shower tells me today that she spent so much money on the shower that i have to wait for a gift. hello.....it was four of them together., and why tell me.


Kate N Baby - December 5

Hello Ladies. Kat, I just had my shower on Saturday. I registered and only got three things off of it. I have an un countable number of blue fleece and soft blankets and clothes. I didn't even get the essentials like a bath, stroller, bottles ect... I think women just see baby clothes and go nuts. Thank goodness my sister in law has a son that is 10 months and she is giving me all the things we didn't get except for the stroller. If I ever have any more children I am either not doing a registry or putting everything I don't need on the registry so then people will get the things I need. Good luck to all the ladies that didnt have a shower yet.



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