Had My Baby Thankgod

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Shaina - May 15

Had a little boy Dante on march 8th 7lb 5oz, I was due the 5th. They sent me in for a fetal assesment on the 7th and first thing was my blood pressure was extreamly high, then they discoverd the baby had a low amount of amniotic fluid then his movement decreased. so they sent me in right away to get induced. I was in labor for over 24 hours having contactions every 1 minute apart from the time they gave me my iv, they just got stonger and stronger. I wasnt dialating so they couldnt give me an epidural. they decider to break my water to trie to get me to dialate when they did that the babys cord was in the wrong place at the wrong time, so everytime I had a contraction it pushed on the cord causing his heart rate to go down and my blood pressure up even more then it was. So then ended up sending me in for a emergency c-section. That went very smoothly and baby was healthy. I didnt get to hold him til three hours after that. that sucked. We went home 4 days later. On the bright side after 24 hours of labor with no drugs the only time i cried was when they told me i was going for a c-section. I wanted to push him out!! Anyways sorry if my story is to long but I know some first time mommys would like to know different storys. Thatnks guys for being there through my whole pregnancy. I wont forget your advices or this web site.


kaly - May 16

Congratualtionsss Shania on your cute little one :) I guess every pregnant woman fears the C word, me, i'm soooo scared about it, have never been in a hospital before and the thought of having surgery sucks, hope i don't have one. But i think it would have helped a little to have had not much time to dread it and hope it is not so painful now. I wish you recover from your surgery soon. *Best Wishes*


Sophia - May 17

Congratualtions too. This website has helped me soo much too.



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