Had My Gorgeous Baby Boy

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KLC - April 4

Hi girls...just now getting a chance to write and let you all know that I had my baby boy Aaron Burke Ziemba Jr on March 25, 2006. We were induced at 8:00 AM and I was given an epidural at 3 cms around 10:00 AM. I never felt any of the contractions just a mild cramping feeling. When It came time to push I pushed twice and he came right out. I never felt anything....good thing because it happened so fast the doctor didn't have time to do the episiotomy and I tore. About an hour after the delivery my husband was sitting next to me and started screaming for the nurse because there was blood pouring all over the floor. Turns out part of the placenta was still attached and blood was clotting in my cervix and then bursting and spilling out. I was hemmoraging. My blood count which should be around 12 was 6.2. I had to stay an extra day in the hospital on iron treatment and my count was upt o 7.0 when I left. I have been really tired and weak but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat....my little guy is so perfect. I feel a little sad now not having him inside me which I didn't expect because I had such a difficult pregnancy but when I hold him close to me I feel better instantly....thanks to all of you for the advice these last nine months and good luck to those of you waiting for your special little one to arrive.


KLC - April 4

Oh forgot to add he was born at 2:32 PM and weighed 8 lbs 1 ounce!!!


AML - April 4

Congrats KLC!! glad everything is ok with you and him!! Nice size baby too!


Amy_mommy - April 4

congrats! i hope i can have a fast and painless labor!


Corrine321 - April 4

Congradulations! I cant wait till my baby girl gets here!!! Not to far away though, im 29 weeks!! yay!!! Well congrats to you and your gorgeous baby boy!!


Camilla - April 4

Congrats KLC! Sounds great to me that you didn't feel any contractions but must've been a bit scary to see and lose all that blood!! Thankfully they seemed to get it all under control fast enough!! I can relate to the feeling of missing carrying him inside. No matter how uncomfortable things might feel at times, or how difficult things may be for some of us, being pregnant is a very special time. But thankfully, as you said, holding the little one close makes you feel better instantly, they really are little miracles...!



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