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Annette - February 11

Born wednesday 02/08. We are still in the process of finding a name, but OH.MY.GOD he is GORGEOUS!!! I had the most beautiful deliver I could wish for. I had to be induced 10 days before my dd due to very low fluid and what looked would be long and painful ended up being really quick and smooth; as soon as I got BAD contractions, my doctor administered the epidural because he wanted me to get some rest since it looked like I would be in labor for the next 24 hours, well, 2 hours later I was FULLY dialated, pushed for 10 (YES, TEN!) minutes, didn´t get the episiotomy I was so affraid of and instead got a minimal tear that I didn´t feel at all and required only 2 st_tches. He is a little angel, I can´t stop looking at him, I can´t believe he is mine. Anyone first time mommy still expecting and worried about the epidural, trust what they all say here, 1) It doesn´t hurt and 2)YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT. I had to share the news with you all, I guess we will be moving soon to the Infant Care forum :)))


ashley - February 11



shelly - February 11

Congrats!! I've heard others say the same thing about their fluid, how did they determine you're fluid was low, and why were they checking it?


Annette - February 11

shelly, they measured the space between the fetus and the placenta in various parts (around umbilical cord, above head, etc) and it was less than 5 cm which is the minimum recommended. I went for a scan at the hospital just to check the baby´s vitals and they found that I had been losing fluid without noticing.


SHelly - February 12

Congratulations! I had my little cutie pie on the 19th, i look forward to seeing u in the infant care forum, this is my first baby so im there all the time. My sons name is Jayden Christopher. Let me know when u decide on a name, id like to know.


sparkles - February 12

Congrats Annette! I'm so happy for you and your hubby! I'm sure he's a little angel! :)


^lucy^ - February 12

congratulations Annette on ur little boy!! its so exciting i cant wait to meet my baby girl,, she's gonna be our first as well :) i hope i have an easy delivery like u :)


julieB - February 13

congrats.. that is wonderful.. bless your family and your new baby boy.



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