Had My Son On The 25th After Induction Failed

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pj - February 4

hi . I have been blessed with a son on the 25th of Jan. I was 38 weeks and 6 days. THe doc admitted me after I had some bloody discharge and spotting, fearing a placental abruption. At that time, my cervix was closed. After that I spent one whole afternoon on the 22nd, the whole night and the whole of 24 th in hospital. First they put three tablets successively to soften the cervix. After around 12 hours and some serious discomfort, they achieved 1 inch dilation. Then around 12 pm they broke my water bag...I was in serious labour and pain after that, but Cervix dilated to only 3 inches. Then they put me on drip for around 12 hours and still no change, except that the machines started showing foetal distress. I had a emergency c section. It was found that the baby's chord was wound tightly around his neck. and the baby 's head though down, was nose upwards (which meant that all the pushing was on my poor back rather than cervix).; But with God's grace, everything ended well ...and I hope the rest of you have successful and much easier deliveries.


tritty - February 4

congrats on your little man. i too was induced at 38 weeks 6 days and my induction ended in a c-section (i had a little girl). i hope you're recovering well and happy with your little one. and.... just for the record when you dilate it's actually in centimeters not inches :) congrats!


djh - February 4

Congratulations...sorry it was such a long process for you :-( My first labor was not induced, but natural and I started labor at home on Saturday the 25th, went to the hospital that night, labored all day Sunday the 26th, and they finally convinced me I was still 1.5 cm dilated on Monday afternoon, the 27th, so I had a c-section for a very swollen baby with a big head. This was a few years ago, not this year. But I do understand about protracted labors...and then a c-section, no fun at all. God Bless you and your sweet new baby! Congrats to tritty too! How are you both healing?


pj - February 5

Thanks guys...just some redness and inflamation around the st_tches..and some serious sleep deficit...but otherwise fine. But the babe makes everything worthwhile



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