Hair Colour Query

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Sam - November 16

Hi im 29 weeks pregnant and have been quite down lately about my weight and my looks which have diminshed since pregnancy - my hubby has offered to pay for me to have my hair done. Prior to pregancy i dyed my hair every 6 weeks but then didnt until now. Am i ok to have my hair coloured i asked my midwife who said there was no evidence that it would harm my baby and woulf only sugest it was avoided in the first 3 months - what do you think?


mom to be - November 16

I just fisnished Modern Hair Design College and i myself am pregnant. There is no harm in dying your hair, as a matter of fact i am gion this friday to have my hair coloured and i am 34 weeks...enjoy gettin pampered :)


Kayla - November 16

I have quit smoking, don't drink, I watch what I eat, etc.... So why not indulge in something that's going to make me feel and look better??? I started dying my roots again at 30 wks, then at 35 and I plan on doing it once more before the baby's born. I don't think it's that harmful at this stage in pregnancy. All I can say is, if it's gonna make you feel guilty, and you're gonna lose sleep over it, DON'T do it, but if it'll make you feel good again, go right ahead!!! GL


Krissy - November 16

I had the same question eariler in my pregnancy so I asked my mom (shes a hair stylist) and she said as long as your in a well ventailated room everything is fine! What I found that makes me feel pretty and relaxed is getting a pedicure every couple weeks!! It feels great on those tired feet!


L - November 16

My Dr. said I could dye my hair anytime after the first trimester. I have done so twice now. (hmmm do you think it caused her to grow? At the last u/s they estimated 5 and 1/2 lbs at 30 weeks! LOL)


Jennifer - November 16

My Dr. said it was safe. I'm 36 weeks and I've been having my hair dyed since the beginning of my pregnancy. I'm going next week for a touch up.



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