Hairy Tummy

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Evonna - July 15

Ok, i have really never had a hairy tummy and now it seems as the hairs on my tummy are getting darker, thicker & longer. It is scaring me. Does anyone experience the same thing? Will this hair go away after birth?


Evonna - July 15

Oh and i used to have to shave my legs & underarms it's like i don't really have to as much.


Kara H. - July 15

I thought I was the only one dealing with tummy hair! I am a hair stylist and I do lots of eyebrow and facial waxing, but I had a heck of a time trying to get a coworker to wax my belly! Finally one of them did and now I have a soft hair free belly! Had no one agreed to do it I probably would have resorted to shaving it since it bothered me so much. I still have to shave my underarms all the time, but my leg hair is not growning nearly as fast as it was. I guess it sending all its hair growning energy to my belly!


Fatima - July 15

I had that too at the beginning of pregnancy, I used nair and it didnt grow back as dark and long, it grew back normal. Guess it was pregnancy hair! haha. Anyways, the leg thing happened to me too, now that i am 7 weeks post, I have to shave every single day! I cant even go 24 hours with smooth legs.


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 15

every since my son, I had it around the naval, still have to shave it. Had to shave alot with him, with her I barely have to shave, what a blessing!


LollyM - July 16

I have the harry belly thing too! I have more hair between my b___sts also lol. luckily my body hair is blonde so it isn't to noticeable but my dh likes to tease me and tell me I am growing chest hair lol. I have read in several books that the excess hair will fall off completely by 6 months after the baby arrives. It's a hormone thing. As for my legs, the hair either grows slower, or I can't see them so well so I can't tell that there is to much hair there lol. I have to shave my pits almost every day though! Also... my pubic hair has takes on a reddish color. it used to just be light brown. So weird! Kara H. that's funny that you had trouble getting someone to wax your belly, I bet it really bothered you though because you are used to being really well groomed. Did you finally have to pay someone off? lol good luck with the hair problems ladies, not to much longer now and we should be back to more normal hair problems like leg shaving.


Evonna - July 16

lol, yes hopefully the hairs on our tummy do fall off after birth. I also only get alot of hair around my navel as well. It bothers me & my DH. When he rubs my tummy, he be like "dang your hairy, got more hair than i do". basically trying to be funny. it's annoying.


ITSABOY - July 16

Evonna the same exact thing is happening to me started when i was about 4 months.I am having a boy and i was told as a old wives tale that is why.


dy - July 16

i have a hairy tummy too! way hairy. my fiance couldn't take it anymore and used his clippers to trim me up the other day!


Evonna - July 18



CamysMama - July 18

So glad to hear I'm not the only one... I too have a lot around my navel (or what's left of my navel!) I've also grown a "Happy Trail" from my navel to my pubes! Good thing the dh doesn't mind, otherwise I'd be even more sensitive about it! But I do shave it off every so often because I can't take it anymore. I also have a few renegade hairs on my face - one under my chin, and one under my eye - yuck! It hurts, but I pluck every time I notice one.


everthiki - July 19

me too!!hairy belly, hairy everything except legs...the hair growth has slowed down a bit there at least! I just bought some Nair for the bikini area yesterday. That will be my project for today...I am not looking forward to it...but this hair thing is driving me nutts! Oh yeah, a very large hand held mirror helps since the belly covers all down yonder up. are we all having boys?? I am , but is it an old wives tale with the increased hair growth/boy?



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