Halo Sleep Sack

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?? - November 10

Has anyone ever tried the Halo Sleep Sack Wearable Blanket? Just wondering if it's worth buying.


DC - November 10

I have not tried one yet, but I did register for some. I have read where they are supposed to help reduce the risk of SIDS because they are more breathable than other sleep sacs. I did howver read that you should not use a sleep sack until the baby is at least 4 months old.


?? - November 10

where did you read that you weren't supposed to use it until they a re 4 months? they make a newborn one.


hi - November 10

i got one and loved it. kept me from getting up every 5 seconds to see if she was covered up. I got the next size up 6-12 mos have been using it since very early.


?? - November 11

well, I ordered 2 off of the internet. i got the xsmall (newborn 5-10 lbs) & the small (0-6 mnths & 10-18 lbs). Hopefully that will work with my lil' man. I'm really nervous now about using it until he's 4 months. where could I do some research on this?


dc - November 11

I have baby magazine at home that I received in the mail, and it had an article on comparing sleep sacks. In that article it stated it is not recommended to use a sleep sack until they are at least 4 months old. It does not explain why though.


?? - November 11

thanks! I will have to keep my eyes open for anything that talks about that. i was worried about using a big one on him when he was a newborn in fear of him slipping down inside and suffocating but i thought maybe a small one would work. i guess we'll know when he come. thanks again!


KFish - November 11

i used one as soon as my son came home from the hospital. Make sure you have the right size. If your baby is small, use the small size. There was never any problems.


JL - November 11

I live in a cold climate, and I prefer the fleece sacks made by Carters that have long sleeves. The Halo sacks are sleeveless. But Halo and Carters have the same basic concept with their sacks. I personally just opted for the warmer version due to the cold winters.


?? - November 11

thanks all! i will definately try it...otherwise the hubby will be disappointed that i spent $ on something that didn't get any use.


Riley - November 14

Halo sleep sacs are the best baby product out there! I love them and buy them for all my friends who are expecting. I think I have every color and every size. Even when my baby was 14 months, he loved his! It was funny to see him trying to walk in his crib with one on. They are worth the money and worth the peace of mind.



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