Hand Joints Clicking

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ajohnstone - July 14

I know that swelling in your hands can cause stiffness in your joints but has anyone experienced the joints in your hands clicking, or sticking, or whatever you want to call it.? My discomfort is mainly in both my pinkies. Especially when I was getting up in the middle of the night last night, my pinkies felt stuck or something. My hands don't visibly "look" swollen but can't wear my rings anymore. Im 37 weeks right now, if that makes a difference. Thanks!!


Mingill - July 15

I have a similar problem with my thumbs and wrists, but mine is caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, where pressure is put on the median nerve (the nerve that controls the thumb, index, middle and inside of the ring finger). My fingers do not appear swollen but I too can't wear my ring anymore. The pinky is controlled by the ulnar nerve. Perhaps you have a pinched ulnar nerve. It could be caused by water retention. I'd ask your doctor about it at your next apt.


afwife - July 16

I"m experiencing something like that in my wrist. I know that I have developed Carpal Tunnel during this pg, but in my left wrist, below my thumb, something is moving around in there and it's extremely sore. I, too, don't feel that my hands look terribly swollen but i haven't been able to wear my rings since about 5 mo. along. do you think they'll go back to normal????????


Mingill - July 16

afwife, usually pregnancy induced CTS will go away after pregnancy, I've been told it could take a while though (maybe 4 months). I was diagnosed with CTS about 8 years ago, so mine will never go away (unless I have surgery). But for many women, once the excess water and pressure is out of their system and off their nerve, they are fine. So yes, eventually your wrists should go back to normal. I'd ask your doc about the thing moving around in there though. Do you have wrist braces? They are very helpful, usually you just sleep with them on, but my wrists are to the point where I wear them almost all day. Maybe your doc could recommend a brand. My OB/Gyn suggested "Trainers Choice" but I can't find them at my local drugstore.



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