Hang In There Everybody

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EM - April 26

Hi ladies in waiting. I've got 4 weeks left to go, hoping for less but will settle for pretty much on time. I read all the posts of people trying to jump start things at 37-38 weeks. Well, we've been at this for that long, what's 2-3 more weeks. Believe me I know the misery...back aches, shooting crotch pain, heartburn, kicks in the ribs and bladder, uncomfortable in ANY position, hormones, fatigue, swelling, anxiety...and I know lots of you have even more nasty symptoms but we are strong women - we can do this. Trust in mother nature and let things run their course (unless you have unusual circ_mstances ie a 10 pound baby or health issues). Let us vent our frustration on this site and trudge forward, making our husbands give us backrubs every night of course. Good luck to everyone! Hope all goes well during delivery!


Amanda N - April 26

I completely understand what you are saying yet at the same time I want this done with. When I was at 2-3 weeks it seemed so far away though. Now I am due Sunday May 1st and was told he would only let me go until May 7th then he would induce. So I still have a week and a half. And that seems like an eternity when you know you are "due" sooner!! Yet as we all know due dates are just an estimate, could be sooner or later! I was just praying for sooner!


Jenny J - April 26

I am due May 13th, this is so much different than my first she moves constantly. I have a small build and have extreme pain and can see body parts everytime she moves. I am definitely hoping for an early delivery! Not sure Im as strong as you ladies are!


Jill - April 26

I'm due today and my dr hasn't talked about inducing me at all he just said starting next week we will monitor the baby more, so if your due date is in 2 weeks it might really be more like 4 weeks


Toya - April 26

I am due May 8th...that's in a week and 5 days...I think that I'm going to go past my due date..but who knows. :) I agree with you EM...natural is the best way!


E - April 27

My due date is in One week!! and it's my first so it will most likly be over. but i live in canada and my doctor wont let me go more then 41 wks then they induce.. so it could be 2 weeks still. But i have been doing some progressing.. lost my mucus plug, started dilating, and i am more then half effaced, and babies is already head down... so i think to me that it's anytime real soon..


nelly - April 27

the back and rib pain is so BAD with this pregnancy i can never get comfortable i cant sit up straight or slouch and it even hurts to lay down it actually hurts to take a breathe in my ribs are so SORE i have an awful time sleeping b/c of the pain im miserable and still have 13 weeks to go. I never had this pain with my first.


Kara - April 27

I lost my plug today and have been at two cm for over a week. Two and a half weeks to go although I have a feeling it will be sooner. I am excited and a little scared of the unknown. I can't wait to meet this new person who has been kicking me all this time.



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