Has Anybody Else Not Found A Name Yet

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Sonia - November 28

Hello to everyone. See, I'm freaking out a little, I'm due late in January, and I can't wait to hold my little princess!! Problem is, I can't seem to find a name for her yet... I know I don't have much time left, but I just haven't fallen in love with any names. I'm hoping to hear THE name for the first time, and just know that that's it. This is important to me, as I want the perfect name for her and none of the many options I've seen make me feel fuzzy. Not to mention that my bf has some say in it, hehe... we both gotta like it. Do any of you have problems finding a name? If you have it, how did you find it, how did you know that was it? Thanks a lot for your input!


c-section on 12-28 - November 28

and I still haven't picked a name. Certain family members think we're awful for not naming her yet, but it's hard to find the perfect name.


Annette - November 28

I am due in February and we have not picked a name yet, the only one that we have considered is one that we don´t both HATE, not necessary that either of us really like it. All his suggestions sound horrible to me and when I tell him my options he has a seizure.


Amber - November 28

Annette- I did the same thing, I called names out for over an hour (one after the other). Then i siad, "Oh F*ck this! How about Conner?" Thinking he would shoot it down as soon I said it. But surenough, his reply was, "Oh, I like that one." So we have been stuck on that one. Its really not one of my faves, but its the only one that we mostly agree on.... NOW the middle name has been worse hell! :) Good luck ladies!


Tracy - November 28

Well, I'm also due at the end of January - and all thru my pregnancy we thought we just had the perfect name. Then my dad casually mentioned that it made him think about a stripper he once knew. So we thought and thought about what we could change it to, and my dad was like, oh, just use what you had picked out - but now neither of us really like it!! So I'm in the same boat. Maybe I'm silly for thinking it's just got to be this super, make my heart thump name ...but I just can't imagine settling for something that I just think is so-so. My husband is no help. I offer a million names a day to this man, and all I ever get is, "mm, yeah, that one's alright". Alright?!?! We can't name her something that's alright!! I don't know what we're going to do...


Annette - November 28

Amber, just the same story here : ))) Took us 5 months to find a first name, now the fight is for the middle name. Sometimes I think my husband is making a sport of rejecting every name I like because it is not possible to go through entire namebooks and not liking even one. To make things worse the name we picked was Karl, my cousin had a baby girl recently and named her Karla, which apparently voids the name for future uses in the family.


Sam - November 28

I am due Feb. 1 with a girl, and we don't have a name yet. Same response from dad when he hears my suggestions, "That's OK." And his suggestions are all way to mainstream/popular for me. I want something unique. I want this name to SPEAK to me, and it would help if the baby's father liked it, too :)


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 28

I had a boy, but have had my heart set on Hayley Mariah for a girl for years and years. Hopefully the next one!!


lauren - November 28

Well im 39 weeks with only 11 days to go!!!!! and still no name. I don't know what im having so that is making things harder, im hoping that when i finally see his/her little face a name will come to me......good luck!!!


heather - November 29

With our first born, we had 3 girls names and one boys name picked out - we didn't know what we were going to have. Our daughter was born on a wednesday and we were getting discharged on friday. my dh is military, so they wouldn't let us leave until the baby was named! I was so tired and anxious to leave and to call my daughter something other than baby english, that I I told my dh he could pick any one of the 3 names that we had chosen!! He didn't pick my first choice, but all 3 of the names that we had we both liked. to us, they all were original and meant something to us. He said she looked most like the name we chose. That might be a good thing for you guys to try - find a few names that you like in meaning and sound ect, then wait until you see the baby to decide. This time we have a name, but we'll just have to see if we go with that name!!!!!!!


Stephanie - November 29

We had it easy. Before we were even talking about getting pregnant, we had both thought of the name Logan for a boy. When we finally decided to have a baby and found out the s_x, it was a girl. We had a list of possible names, but nothing felt right. One day my husband asked me what I thought of the name Ayla. I had been thinking of that same name a few days before, but thought he wouldn't like it. Since we both thought of it at different times, it really seemed like it was meant to be and we both love it. Ayla Victoria should be making her grand entrance to the world any day now.


Beth - November 29

My friend had her baby yesterday and they still haven't named him...they can't decide so they are going to just get to know him for a couple of days and decide what he should be called. I on the other hand had the name picked out before I got preggo haha..i am a natural born planner!


Annette - November 29

I think our son will be called "the baby" until he is 18 and can make up his own mind.


Ashley - November 30

Every name I ever liked, my husband when to school with someone by that name and they didn't get along! After a few months, we settled on using our middle names ... for middle names! Which frusterated me, because I figured it would be harder to work from the middle to the first. We just kept throwing names around for a boy, and one day I was reading part of a book to my husband and it had a girl named Eden in it and he was like, "That would make an awesome name." I had read the whole book and never realized here was the name! It is kind of neat, Ashley means meadow and Eden means a plain, so they kind of have the same meanings! :)



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