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melanie25 - January 30

Hi i am currently 29 weeks and 6 days. Two weeks ago i had my normal appointment and i was told that my baby was measuring perfect except his abdomen is measuring a week behind and that she would check him again in 2 weeks ........... which leads me to 2 days ago he is measuring perfect everywhere except now his abdomen is measuring 2 weeks behind she has said if things do not get better i will have to have him early 35-36 weeks and i am scared they say he weighs 2.8 pounds but i don't know if this is a good weight for his age ....is this a common thing?? has anyone been told this before?? and if so what was the outcome thanks for taking the time to read this ...


swollenangel - January 30

Hi Melanie! I will be 38wks this week and about the same thing is happening with me, except that at 32wks lo was measuring perfectly everywhere, then at 36wks she was measuring 2wks behind, doc told me the same thing (about getting her out earlier if there is no change), but it was no rea__surance to me, so he booked me to see a radiologist to have a more detailed scan done and to check the measurments again - following week, she was still 2wks behind, but her head was a week ahead - radiologist said it was nothing to worry about tho cos some babies are just smaller (and i'm small too) then Monday i went for another scan and she is still 2wks behind (leg/arm measurements) with her head a week ahead. Doc still said there is nothing to worry about, but booked me with another doc to check my placental functions (that's this coming Monday) - my lo is now weighing at just about 6lbs, so i'm not too worried about her weight! But she's just not growing as she should - which is worrying to me - so i know what you going through! you just have to be positive (easier said than done) and also be a__sured that if there was really something wrong they would have kept you in hospital right away. Your lo's weight is perfect for the gestational age (according to a website i checked on - so thats some rea__surance) well, I'll have to wait till next Monday for the outcome (will keep you posted!)... hope my response has helped a little...


sarah21 - January 31

My sonographer said that as long as everything measures within 2 weeks of each other there is nothing to worry about. The measurements on an ultrasound are not 100% accurate. Things will likely be fine.


cynthia502 - January 31

I agree w/ Sarah and swollenangel. u/s measurements are less reliable as you move on in your pregnancy. If the docs had seen something that really wasn't right, you would have had to stay in the hospital for further tests and evaluations or maybe even had the baby already. It's good that they are keeping an eye on things and are watching your lo closely. At my 28 week u/s my babies weighed 2lbs 9 oz and 2 lbs 7oz.. So it sounds like your lo's weight was right on track. If you watch the tech take the measurements, you may notice that they remeasure some parts over and over because the baby doesn't cooperate very well. Try not to worry and keep us updated!!! Good luck!


3babies - February 4

Hi Melanie. As you know the doctor is doing the scan in 2 weeks to compare to this measurement so they can see if bub is growing ok. Abdo measures are the first sign that a baby may be falling behind. The fact that the growth is falling away isn't great, but they would probably consider this at a slow rate, so there is some gain in leaving bub in there to cook a little longer. If the growth is falling away from normal at a quicker rate, it indicates that the baby is actually losing weight. This happened to me between 33 and 35 weeks with my first son. He went to being on the small side of normal to falling off the growth chart in 2 weeks. He ended up being born at 35 weeks because he wasnt going to get any bigger inside me, my placenta was shot. You would never know it now though, he is on the bigger side of average at 7 yo. I know it's hard, but try not to worry. Hopefully you can buy even a few more weeks. Have they checked your placental function/uterine artery flow? My probs were all caused through high blood pressure. I hope it all goes well for you...


melanie25 - February 14

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post ...... the new update is that in the last 2 weeks he has grown 2 weeks so he is technically still 2 weeks behind but he has not fallen any further behind so that is good i was a little concerned that he had not been moving as much as usual and they gave me a heart and movement scan (can't remember the name for it lol sorry ) and he was going bananas on there as he didn't like the idea of something on my tummy and kept kicking at it like he did when she was checking the pulse in the placenta and the umbilical cord he kept kicking her hand he is very protective of his space which is kinda cute ha ha so now my specialist is saying at this point he is fine to stay inside but if he falls behind any further to say 3 1/2- 4 weeks i will have to have him early but has not made it clear how she plans on making this happen i am worried about both natural and c-section births and yes i am a HUGE chicken it said due to all his measurements he now weighs about 3pound 5ounces and he is now 32 weeks gestation but the size of 30 week old in the legs and abdomen i am not sure if his weight sounds good but everyone says that going on that that if i carry to full term he is going to be a BIG BABY hence my fear of giving birth lol thanks again for your stories and input if my new info has triggered off anything else you think i should know please let me know as i believe there is no such thing as 2 much information he he thanks again wish you all the best see ya



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