Has Anyone Bought A Nursing Bra Yet

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rkrhoads - March 18

If you've bought a nursing bra, can you suggest the best place to get one?-A nice one though, I am used to Victoria's Secret and would like one pretty close to what I am used to.


Tess - March 18

Motherhood Maternity, Kohls, Target.


Annette - March 18

I´m with Tess: Motherhood Maternity. And Gap Maternity if you don´t mind spending a few bucks.


Honey Bee - March 19

Mimi maternity


kh - March 20

I haven't bought one yet, but I've read/heard several people say they like the ones at Wal Mart best because they are softest. I doubt that can compare with Victoria's Secret, but it may be worth a try.


valerie - March 20

I got mine at Motherhood Maternity, they're really comfortable and they had a lot of styles to choose from.


Rabbits07 - March 20

Baby Depot has some really nice ones for not too steep prices. They have a wide variety of styles, too.


Alycia - March 23

The nursing bras at Motherhood Maternity didn't fit me well for some reason. I just bought a really great one from a local vendor today, and it even comes in several different colors! Here's a link to the one I bought: http://www.belabumbum.com/miva/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=MATCOPA+01&Category_Code=MAT I'm used to wearing underwire bras from Victoria's Secret (spoiled, I know), but I was really thrilled with this one even though it isn't underwire. The sizing is a little weird... just for a reference, at VS I'm in a 34D, and I got a medium in the bra I bought today. It's very comfortable and by far the most attractive (on me, anyway) one I've tried yet.


Alycia - March 23

Make sure you take all the dashes (-) out of that link...


meme - March 23

I'm waiting to buy a nursing bra because I just know my b___sts are going to get bigger post-pregnancy. Anyone know what I could do for when I'm at the hospital after the birth itself in the meantime?


Alycia - March 23

meme - I was also trying to put off buying one, but I've outgrown all my bras. I've been wearing the too-small ones for weeks, but they were getting unbearable. My thoughts were that if I got a stretchy nursing bra now, I would have something to help me out in the present and also something to wear after I've been bf a few months and my b___sts start going back down. My friends who are bf say they wear different sizes depending on the day (or time of day), and after a few months, their b___sts start to get smaller again anyway. You could always buy a nice, comfy, stretchy bra a size too big and hope for the best... just keep the receipt and check out the return policy.


K - March 25

My daughter is 5 weeks old. I would recommend buying at least one or two nursing bras beforehand, and a nursing sleep bra. I started wearing them immediately, and thank goodness I bought some comfortable ones beforehand because I wound up having an emergency C-section and there is no way I could go shopping for them for at least a week, if not longer. You can't really just send someone out for them, because you have to know which ones are comfortable for you. I was a 34C pre-pregnancy and went to a 38C during pregnancy. I bought 38 D nursing bras and they fit fine. I did get a little bigger about a week or two ago, and now 38E (or 38DD depending on brand) are better although I can still wear the Ds. I found some styles that worked really well for me at Motherhood. Mimi's were pricier and didn't fit as well. I think there are some internet sites where you can order some which are more stylish and in different colors, but I would be worried about the fit of a bra I couldn't try on.



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