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Meghan - January 18

Hi ladies! this may be a dumb question but I would just like to know if anyone has heard or experienced this before....is it possible for a baby to have convaultions or siezures whilst in-utero? because sometimes It feels as if my daughter is having a siezure in there, it concerns me because my dad has epilepsy (sp?) Its not like when she has the hiccups or anything, she seems so go nuts and its constant jolting for about 1 minute at a time. the best way to describe it is, like she is kicking like a machine gun or something..she doesnt kick alot usually just pokes out and feels around with her feet but when she does kick its a steady BOOM BOOM! Maybe I am just having new mother paranoia or something..i am almost 32 weeks along. thanks to everyone who responds!:)


Lala - January 19

If you've ever spent much time around newborn preemies, say like 32 weeks, you'd think they were all having seizures! They normally move very spastic and jerky--just what I've often felt from my baby. Take care!


KarenCT - January 19

I am preg with 4 child - although they have all been different - the further along u go - the more they move - wait until you are further along.38/39/40w..should settle down when there is less room to move.


Meghan - January 19

thank you both for responding, I went to my midwife's today (for a normal visit) and mentioned it to her and she was a little concerned because of the family history so she ordered a US for jan 30th to make sure everything is fine in there.


chrissi79 - January 19

I know exactly what you are talking about, its woken me up a few times actually. Such a weird feeling, not sure what it is, but I have had the same thing...hope everything is ok :)


Kar - January 19

Hi Meghan, I have felt this as well....and have even made the comment to my husband. I'm 32weeks now but felt it more a few weeks back not as much now........let me know what your US shows/says.


Meghan - January 19

Hi ladies! I definately will keep you posted about it. I googled it last night and learned a big lesson...dont EVER google things that concern you about your baby or pregnancy..it all had me crying for hours! my midwife said it could just be the fact that her brain is not fully developed yet and cant control her nerves so I am hoping thats what it is. there is also something called a morrow (or something like that) reflex that makes them shake like that as well. but i will let you know!


Lala - January 19

Yes, the moro refex is good and normal! It's something they look for in infants (esp. preemies) to check for normal neuro reflexes! Like I said they are very spastic and jerky when at this gestation. When I watch the preemies, I can just imagine my little one moving like that--it's just how it feels! Oh, and you're right about not surfing internet with concerns; it's a great way to scare ourselves. Take care!



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