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help!! - November 11

hi ladies. i'm 22 wks and last week i noticed some itching on the inner part of my lower arms, so i scratched and it broke into a rash. now the rash has spread across my upper chest and is also on my legs. has anyone here experienced this during their pregnancy? if so what was it and how did you treat it? so far the doc says i'm having a perfect pregnancy and everythings fine with me. i also don't want to go back to the doc before my next visit on the 18th b/c even with my insurance, the med. bills are still pileing up. i need to know if this is a somewhat heard of pregnancy symptom or something else. please answer.


??? - November 11

i would definately talk to your doctor about that. have you had a lot of itching? i saw on discovery health once that excessive itching can signal something wrong with your liver. don't quote me...but there is a reason why that happened so i would at least phone your ob's office and at least talk to the nurse. let us know what it is.


help - November 11

it does itch alot. the only thing keeping me from going to the dr. before my next appt. is the fact that every test the've taken so far has come out perfect. my hospital and lab bills are getting huge and everythings comeing out normal. i know that your body can do wierd thing while you're preggy, so i don't want to go to an extra appt. just for the doc to tell me once again that the baby and i are fine. i'll look into intraheptic chole. online and try and figure out if i can wait a week to see the doc or not. and thank you so much for the quick response.


??? - November 11

you're welcome. i just hope everything is fine. i'm sure it is but, it's better to be concerned and it be nothing than not concerned and it be something. good luck and let us know how it turns out.


Anna - November 11

I'm glad I read this. I am 38 weeks and just yesterday I started to itch all over. I tried a new lotion, but now I'm worried it could be something else. I am getting c section Monday morning due to big sized baby ( I'm only 4'11 with a small frame) due to gest. diabetes. Should I wait and see if I stop itching or call my doctor asap??



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