Has Anyone Fallen Over While Preg

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kare - August 3

i was in the office last week and i had to show an engineer how to use some computer software. i took a seat on a spare chair in his office but the whole thing collapsed, when i fell on my behind- the whole chair went over my hand and landed ontop of me.. i felt okay afterwards, just a bit of a headache and a sore bottom.. but then i had a bath two days ago to try and relax and upon getting out, my footing slipped and i fell back against the tap in the bath.. all seems okay apart from a bruise on my back where you can feel your pelvis and a few scratches.. has anyone had a fall while pregnant?? the baby is still kicking like usual which i am very very relieved about - but why am i becoming so clumsy?? is it because i am gaining weight at the front now and i misjudge that? is it something all pregnant women experience?


miranda - August 3

It's very normal to be clumsy while pregnant for a lot of different reasons. I fell off my deck and sprained my ankle at 37 weeks with my first pregnancy. The baby is well protected, it's okay to be a little off balance.


Jbear - August 4

Your center of gravity shifts, and so you don't move quite the way you expect to. I've fallen a couple of times in the last few weeks and collected some interesting bruises, but my baby is still kicking and moving just fine. I actually fell down the stairs when I was 7 months pregnant with my first baby, and she was okay, too (I had a bruised backside).


kare - August 4

not that any fall is good news.. but i am very happy to hear i am not the only one who seems 'careless' - well.. feels careless, i should say!! a few work colleagues already dont approve of our starting a family at just 22 years and now they think i am careless because ive had a few falls - it couldnt be further from the truth.. i love this baby and i am very happy about everything - why on earth would i do anything on purpose or not take enough care?? :-s


amanda - August 4

i fell down a small flight of stairs at like 29 weeks! i had to go to the hospital cause i sprained my ankle. i managed to avoid falling face first by spinning around. everything was fine, baby kept moving like nothing had happened. you are not alone, its hard to balance when your weight is so lopsided!!!


Heidi - August 4

I find myself running into stuff a lot. I'm 29 wks today. I remember a couple years ago I was at a dog agility training and our trainer was like really close to having her baby and she went to tie her shoe and when she stood up she tripped and fell face first. I was like, gees! What a klutz! Now I know how she feels. I tried putting my undies on standing up and just about put a hole in our new sheetrock when I went crashing into it. Ha ha! What a sight that must have been from behind. Thank god I was home alone.


~S~ - August 4

Yup, I've taken a fall while pregnant, twice actually. The first time my cat got in the way of my walking and I tumbled over on my side, the second time I fell to my knees. I mentioned both times to my Dr. at my following appointments, but everything was okay as long as I didn't fall on the baby. So, since you fell on your b___t, the most your baby felt was probably the bounce of you falling. Everything should be okay, and there shouldn't be nothing to worry about.


Jbear - August 4

Kare, don't worry about what your colleagues think. 22 is a good age to start a family (just think, your kid will be 18 when you're 40, they'll be old enough to move out while you're young enough to appreciate having privacy with your husband.) Anyone who is thinking you'll be a bad parent because you're a little clumsy is either a nutcase, or has never been pregnant.


ChrissyR - August 4

kare... isn't it scary when you fall?! I am 30 weeks and fell in the shower yesterday... as I was falling I let out this scream and grabbed for the shower curtain.... of course the whole shower curtain, bar and all came crashing down on top of me.... and this is not the first time I fell... I did a perfect split on my kitchen floor last week b/c i slipped on one of my daughters toys (THAT REALLY HURT!!! I would definately say pregnant women are not meant to do splits). I think a lot of us pregos are clumsy... with the big belly we are just kind of off balance i guess. Be careful... hope you feel OK.


kare - August 4

amanda - you poor thing, thats what i was thinking.. just lately, like over the last week or so ive noticed that i feel more off balance. i thought it was in my head though.. heidi - you know i have the same problem when trying to put my sneakers on! i sit on the bed, but trying to reach my feet these days is getting so much harder.. the other day i think i must have put so much pressure on the baby trying to do my shoe lace up, that she kicked my bladdah or something.. i had to sprint to the toilet practically! ~S~ - thankyou for your nice words.. it really is soo nice hearing others have had falls and been fine. i know chances of actually hurting the baby are low if you can somehow avoid falling on your tummy (or avoid falling at all lol) but it really is so much more re-a__suring to hear you all say that you and your bubbas are safe! Jbear - im not worried hun, thanks for your support though :) i'll be out of here in 6 weeks so im finding it much easier to seperate peoples comments here to that of my family and close friends that will stay with me after i have left the office! that is what matters. chrissy - it really is scarey to feel so helpless when falling.. all you think is "baby!" my partner accidentally let it out lastnight to my mum that i have had two falls - both of which i havent told mum about.. she fell into such a panic almost straight away! she was already convinced that i may go into early labour (i dont know why!) but now she will be much worse than she was before.. she already calls me three times a day.. lol i know she just cares but my god! :) anyone here from australia at all?


Tina - November 1

Hi all, I fell down the stairs last night, I'm 27 weeks and landed on my bum (Ouch!!) scared the hell out of me so I went straight to hospital - baby was kicking as usual and still very active but I had to be sure. Anyway.... Doctor gave me thorough examination and monitored babys heart / movements.... all is ok thank god! I'm normally quite skinny but now have a ma__sive bump infront of me so I reckon its quite normal to have lost my balance. Good luck everybody x


kaitlin - November 1

Wow, I'm so glad I came on here this morning! Last night after dinner and Hallowe'en trick-or-treating ended, we went for a walk and I tripped on nothing at all - the sidewalk. I can't even say it was a curb! It was my first fall, and I am pretty sure my hand caught most of the weight, and then I fell somewhat on my side. I've been so worried about it all night, but the baby was moving last night, although not as crazy as it usually is. I'm going to call the doctor right away this morning and see if I can get an examination to be sure. I'm worried because it was on my front (although my hand and knee took the fall) first, before I rolled onto my side. I don't think it even touched my belly, but my husband says he saw me face plant, so I'm not sure anymore. I don't feel any pain at all in my stomach like you'd feel if you fell on it - but I do feel throbbing in my hand as well as my knee. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Kaeli - November 1

I havent fallen, but more tipped over... My boyfriend seems to find it funny when I am bending down trying to pick something up, he will come up behind me and smack my booty. The other night he did it, I lost my balance and I tipped over! I didnt hurt the baby and I landed on the pillow I was trying to pick up so I didnt hurt myself. Needless to say I think he will quit doing that for a while now!


~N~ - November 1

Kaeli-I couldn't help but laugh when I read your post (not because you fell) but because your boyfriend sounds alot like mine! lol Anyhoo, back on subject- I fell in the shower the other day, I was trying to shave my legs standing up because it seems easier this way, I was doing good I thought, but then all of the sudden I was sitting on my b___t! It didn't hurt my stomach, but it left a bruise on my b___t. Ouch :o)


Christy - November 1

I fell at a wedding a month ago- wiped out on a puddle of water in front of the keg. Hurt my knee, but baby seemed fine. It shook me up more than anything. I still trip all of the time and keep dropping stuff, which stinks because I hate trying to bend over to pick up stuff off of the floor.


kristamc - June 4

Ive been running and swimming and skiing and everything.. Im 27 weeks prego.. so I thought rollarblading no problem! We set out our route to include no hills on nice paths to minimize a fall, and wouldnt ya know it, I biker hit my from behind and I went slammin on my b___t. I was worried sick.. so went to my Dr and everything is fine. It was definitly a wake up call to maybe slow things down.


miamia - June 7

I have to say that I have. My dd is now 8 but while pg with her i fell asleep on the couch one night and when i woke up to go to bed i didn't realize my entire leg was asleep as well and i took a step and *bam* I hit the hardwood floor. I was in alot of pain but everything was okay. I think I was about 7 months at the time.



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