Has Anyone Fallen While Pregnant

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Tara B - January 20

Hey ladies I just want to tell everyone to BE CAREFULL! The other day I fell completely to the ground and it hurt bad. I twisted my ankle which was the only thing I could feel at first. 45 minutes later I started getting minor cramps while on my to the emergency room where they found I was having contractions. They kept me in the hospital to monitor babys heartbeat and my contractions. Everything is okay now but it is a very scary situation especially when they are telling me that if I have to deliver at 28 weeks there is a good possibility that the baby will survive, scary.


tritty - January 20

wow, scary is right. i'm glad to hear that both you and baby are doing well. thanks for the warning!


Sonrisa - January 20

I am glad to hear that you and the baby are okay. I guess I should listen to my mom. She is so worried about me and falling. We are starting to get bad weather and she is so concerned about me being out in it. Thank you for the warning. I don't think we realize that our balance is off. I tripped over muy own two feet the other day but did not fall. I also had a twisting of the ankle incident a few weeks ago. Hang in there. Everything will be fine.


disneymommy79 - January 20

I'm glad your okay. I also slipped at 30 weeks. It was very scary. I was at walmart to get my sons car seat. They had cleaned the floor and it had left a streak of water along a pie table. I guess their employee wasn't paying attention to what he was doing and didn't put a wet floor thing up. I was walking along and my feet just slipped right our from under me. I almost did the splits. If you can imagine. THANK GOD my husband grabbed me before I hit the floor but I did hit my belly on the shopping cart and tore some muscles In my groin area. I couldn't walk and I kind of scooted to the car in tears. Then I started cramping So my dh took me the the er and they kept me over night in the L & D to watch the baby and make sure that there wasn't any damage done to the placenta. Then I'm still having a hard time from it because the muscles down there haven't completely healed because of all the weight of the baby . :( Its been intresting at the very least. I hope you dont haven any long term aches from your fall. Take care.


Tara B - January 21

Yes very scary NO HEELS please. I was weary low heals. Disneymommy I am glad you are okay how scary. Were you having contractions to and they prepare you for any early delivery like they did me? That was so scary.


disneymommy79 - January 21

They didn't say anything about it they were just running a bunch of tests and told me what they were looking for. I was pretty scared. I didnt want to have my baby that early. How are you feeling ?


SistaC - January 21

Hi ladies. A few weeks ago, at 34 weeks, I disturbed a burglar in my home. The combination of fright and my large belly resulted in a fall. Luckily, I just had a few scratches here and there and a fractured rib (ouch!), but baby is okay. I must admit, though, that since the fall, my BH contractions have been more frequent and uncomfortable - although that might have happened anyway, given my pregnancy stage. I'm with Tara - be careful!


lilnikki_0384 - January 21

I just fell yesterday, same way. I was walking down steps and got to the ground but I caught the sidewalk with the gra__s and went down. But I did not hit my belly on anything, I am 38 wks. My belly feels fine, but my foot hurts :). I payed attention to my belly for awhile after I fell, but did not call doc. If I would have hit my belly then I would have called or went to l&d to be examined. This was my second fall in two weeks. The first time I was holding my niece and fell on my b___t, I went to hospital because my niece hit my belly when I fell backwards. But the baby was ok, I am just a nervous wreck. I have been so unstable on my feet lately. Can't wait till it's over and can see my lil girl!! :) Good luck to all!!!


SaraH - January 22

Wow, glad you and baby are okay.


Kristin11 - January 22

Wow Tara glad your okay!!


avaontheway - January 22

Wow Disney, thats pretty scary stuff. I hope wal-mart was footing the bill for you to be in the hospital. Or maybe give you some free diapers.



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