Has Anyone Felt As If The Baby Is Comming Out

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Mariela - November 27

Hi, Ive responded to a lot of questions on this forum. Well i have a question of my own. I am currently 33 weeks and when i stand too long or even just laying down i feel i guess pressure on my va___a or something i feel like the baby is pushing to come out and so i get scared. That whole area bellow my belly feels very sore. So what could this be? any suggestions? I dont go back to my docs til the 7th of december.


... - November 27

Well, I only feel that when I am sitting up too long, and sometimes when I stand. I'm 30 wks, and usually if it really bothers me, I check myself... I haven't felt anything like a head or my cervix even, but it does feel really soft in there... I think that is normal though. I have a lot of clear watery discharge too, but as long as you dont feel a head I wouldnt worry too much. I think this is what the end of pregnancy feels like.


Mariela - November 27

O thanx for responding, i too have like a thin almost watery discharge too that started a couple of weeks ago, id say about when i was 30wks. I too have checked myself to see if i feel anything and i usually feel like that when ive been standing too long like yesterday u know the day after thanksgiving sale, i was at the mall from like 6am-10am!


Lola - November 27

I am now 37 weeks and I have the same baby falling out feeling. I also get very sharp stabing pains in my v____a. Last weeks visit to the doctor I asked him what it could be and he said it's the babies head pushing down into my pelvic area causing pressure. It is totally normal, The baby is just getting ready and into position. Good Luck!


amber - November 30

I dont know if this is what you mean, but for the last month or so, I have been getting the feeling of pressure on what feels to be my cervix or something of that sort... kinda like she wants to come out and is trying to push her way thru.... I have no idea if its normal, I have an OBG appointment in 2 days, plan to ask, will post a reply when i know


Deanna - November 30

I am about 34 weeks now and I have this too... but it started in my 31st week (it is a normal feeling but a little early). At week 32 I had a dr. appointment and when he checked he found I was already 50% effaced (thinning of the cervix, the step before dialation begins) and since it was so early he put me on bed rest. Now when I get the feeling it is only when I "overdo" it... like stand too long at the grocery store or something. It's a scary feeling, but from what I understand totally normal late in pregnancy.



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