Has Anyone Had A NOT Horrible Induction

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Tillie - May 29

Well, as many of you already know, I'm getting induced this Friday due to consistent, low amniotic fluid and a very calcified placenta. I'll be 38 weeks. I really was looking forward to labor before finding out about this, and even took a class on natural childbirthing, so I'm feeling really sad and disappointed and above all SCARED about the new plan. What makes it worse is that all I hear are horror stories about induction! Has anyone had a NOT horrible experience? I mean, it's labor, I know it's not necessarily pleasurable, but I'd love to hear from anyone who didn't have a nightmare experience and what made it bearable for you. Thanks so much!


Mandy1984 - May 29

hey i was induced with number 2 and it was ok, It was very quick and I had gas and air and it was GREAT!! It took about 6 hrs til I got to 10cm and the pain was no worse than I expected. My labour ended up in a c.section but it was NOTHING to do with being induced, She was lying face to pubes and just couldn't get out. If she was the right way round then everything would be ok.....


lindsay - May 29

hi tillie-- w/my first i was induced 8 days past due date... my induction was GREAT! it progressed well , but i did have an epidural , so i'm not sure how bad the contractions actually were, because i felt nothing until it was time to push... whole delivery went off w/out a hitch, but afterwards i had horrible side effects from the epi... not trying to scare anyone, but know that my actual induction was a good thing. i'm now 38w6d and hoping to NOT be induced again, but purely because this time i don't want the epi... good luck, and ps... i know plenty of people who have had inductions, and i have not heard one single horror story from any of them !!!


HannahBaby - May 29

Its not that being induced is terrible, its just the pain that is really difficult. They say that the contractions that you have with pitocin women who go natrually only have for an hour or so. Pitocin throws you into hard labor (so you feel like your in transistion but only 2 cms.) It was really a hard labor for me because i was insistant on a natural birth. But if you put your mind to it you can do anything!! You will do just fine. Good luck!!


Mellissa - May 29

I was induced with my daughter two weeks past my due date, and i am praying this this labor and dilivery goes as smoothly. i was started on pitocin around 5:30 pm (i was already 2 cm)... and was getting regular contractions till about 7:30 am but didn't feel any pain from them at all. the nurses thought i was crazy because i kept asking when it was supposed to start hurting! lol. at 7:30 am i was 7 1/2 cm and my water broke.. then the pain started... it was bad, but not enough to make me want the epidural. an hour and a half later i started pushing, and at 10:58 my daughter was born. :) i didn't tear or need to be cut. it was the best labor experience i could have asked for. i hope yours goes just as smoothly!!!


Traci76 - May 29

I was induced with my first. I was 37 weeks, and was admitted into the hospital at 2 almost 3cm. I was induced b/c of high blood pressure. My entire labor, from the time they started the Pitocin was 6-1/2 hours, including pushing time. My pushing time was 31 minutes. It was definately not a bad experience at all. I would recommend, if possible (not sure with the low amniotic fluid), to have lots of s_x leading up to Friday. Unless they've told you not to have s_x, it won't do any harm, and may help your body be more ready!!


Traci76 - May 29

By the way, I also had an epidural with mine. Can't say how it would have been without one, but that was never an option for me. LOL


sp - May 29

I was induced with my first child 38 weeks to the day. There was no medical reason for it the doc. decided I was ready because I was already 2 cm. dilated and the baby had been dropped for the past two weeks. I went to my appointment around 10:00 a.m. and she broke my water and told me to go staight to the hospital. When I got there they started the pitocin drip and I started having contractions a few hours later. I chose not to have an epidural because I hate needles! Instead they gave me demerol through my I.V. to take the edge off my pain. By 7:00 p.m. i pushed maybe five times and had a beautiful haelthy girl with no problems at all at 7:26 p.m. Everything went well, I would definately do it again! I am now 39 weeks pregnant and I have an old fashioned doctor this time that wont induce until you are 41 weeks! I am impatiently waiting!


Heather W - May 29

i was induced with # 3 after having 2 natural...My water broke with #3 and no contractions...so I got a decent nights sleep and they started me at 5 :30 and they didn't get hard until 10:30 and then I had him by 1:00...I wish they would do that with this one, that way I would be done with pg. I have heard that low amniotic fluid can cause fairly dry births...I know I have been between 6 and 7 cm of fluid myself for the last month..and the only thing that I worry about is a dry birth or c sec...but I m sure all will be well. But honestly I didn't think that induction was worse than the other 2 natural( no drugs) ( vag) it was just quicker and a little more intense ..but all good.Again as good as labor can get/


starr - May 30

I was wondering about this myself.I am 37w2d with my third and just found out that my dr. will automatically induce me on my due date if baby has not come even though we're both perfectly healthy.I never even knew they did that.They already had my induction paperwork filled out and was getting ready to schedule my induction for June 17 but I told them I wanted to wait a day or so past my due date to see if she would come on her own.Mainly b/c I wanted to go drug free if possible and b/c of the stories I have heard about how much more intense the pain is. My first two came on their own and I'm praying this one will too.Good Luck.


3babies - May 30

Hi Tillie, I really hope your induction goes well. I would chat to the doctor to prepare yourself a little, just because if you have an ageing placenta (and the low fluid) it does put you more at risk of foetal distress and c/s ... obviously because the placenta is sometimes not functioning as well as it should. I hope that's not the case for you, but I would keep it in the back of my mind. Your doctor might be able to give you his opinion on your chances based on how bad the placenta is?


Laurabb4 - May 30

Hi Tillie, I was induced with my 3rd. Labor progressed slower than my first two but only 2 extra hours of labor. I was not dialating. (stuck at 6 for 2 hours)I got an epidural to relax and 20 minutes later I was ready to push! Be open minded and all will go well. Good luck on Friday. Let us know how it goes.


Tillie - May 30

Thank you all so, so much for these amazing words of encouragement. You're all so strong!!! I can't wait to be reflecting on this experience and helping someone ELSE through it. I had heard nothing but awful, terrifying things about induction until this thread--I can't express to you how much stronger I'll go into the experience now, because of these stories. 3babies, I will definitely talk to my doctor about the possibility of a c/s. Laurabb4 and Lindsay, I am very open to the epidural for just the reasons you both had. SP & Mellissa, I hope my labor goes as beautifully as both of yours! Traci, I'm definitely having lots of hopeful s_x!! Mandy, Heather, Hannah, and the rest, thanks so much for the responses. Starr, good luck--I hope you go on your own!


CamysMama - May 30

Starr, I hate to question your doc, but this sounds crazy! The "due date" after all is only their best guess! I've heard it is more acurate to call it a "due week," and even then, a normal, full-term pregnancy can end with labor anywhere from 38-42 weeks! How dare they say "your time is up" and automatically induce you? I'm sorry, but I'm outraged on your behalf. They should give you more time, unless there is some medical reason that prompt action is required!



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