Has Anyone Had A Positive Glucose Test

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nini - May 9

friday my doctor called and said that my 1 hour glucose test was very high and now have to go back and take the 3 hour test.i'am so scared can anyone help?


Alli - May 9

Nini..I just went through this last week and I do was very scared. I took the 1 hr and mine was high and I had to take the 3 hr test. The 3 test is about 4 1/2 hours. You have to fast for 12 hours, all you can have is water. Then you go in, they take your blood and test it. Then you have to drink double of what you took for the 1 hour. Then an hour after that, they draw your blood, then another hour blood draw, then one more hour and a blood draw. This tells if you have g.d. Mine came back that I did. So now I have to monitor my carbs and what I eat. I have to go to a dietician on Wednesday. You will be fine. Cry if you need to, but we will be okay. They just want to make sure you and your baby are okay. This way they can keep you heathly. Let me know how you make out.


Jenn... - May 9

Nini - please don't worry yourself just yet. My 1 hour test came back high and I got sooooo nervous. Then for the 3hr test all of the results were normal - even the first draw was lower that the results for the 1 hr. And even if it does come back positive, it is something that can be controlled. Good luck, don't worry you'll be fine!


alli and jenn - May 9

thank you soooo much!you have really made my day alot easier,i have been so depressed because of this.I want to wish you guys the best of luck with your pregnancies.


to alli - May 9

what diet are you on ?can you give me some advice on what to eat?my doctor has also told me that i have gained 8lbs in 1 month and i have untill 8/12 to go so by then i will be really over weight.


Erica - May 10

Ladies, I tell you what; my glucose test was fine, but I'll give everyone who checks out this thread an obvious hint; when they schedule you for that 1-hour test, try to get that puppy scheduled in the a.m. and eat nothing after midnight the night before - some nurses will tell you, "Go ahead and eat whatever you like before the test" (mine did) but think about it: suppose you have a couple of creme-filled Dunkin Donuts and some milk before you go in, or a Snickers bar, or a Happy Meal...you get the idea...your numbers will go off of the scale and surprise, surprise...you'll need to come back in for that three-hour monstrosity! So to anyone who hasn't yet taken the 1-hour glucose screening, trust me...fast the night before and save yourself a wad of heartache! :)


Heron - May 10

Its all diet diet diet. I had a lot of carbs (there was this really nice bread i discovered) so i had positive tests twice in a month. The doc schedueld me for the 3hr test with 4 days notice. (no wasting time with him!!) I very wisely fasted like Erica said and lo! the test was negative. Eat less carbs/sugar it better. Generally just eat a balanced meal not too much of anything.


Heron - May 10

Forgot to add - dont worry. Worrying changes nothing. Not worrying puts you in a better frame of mind and that great for Baby! Okay!! You will be just fine. By the way i had a diet strategy all mapped out in case it came back positive i was determined to beat it!! Take care God Bless!


nini - May 10

the nurses nvr told me to fast for 12 hours,but when it came time for the 3 hr test they did.I even adv them that i had something to eat and they told me that was fine.So it really didnt make since to me at all,but whatever the results are i will make the best out of it.I already started a little diet with no sugars,at least not more than 1g and very low carbs,even though i hear that you need carbs.You guys have really been the best and i thank you all sooooo much!!!!!!!!


Katharine - May 10

I had my 1-hour today. The doctor told me that I didn't have to fast, but to avoid refined sugars before the test-I went for a bagel. Test was fine. There was another lady there for the 3-hour and hers turned out fine.



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