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lindsay - May 30

(i know...me again... can you tell i'm not working and have a lot of time on my hands!!) so i just busted out the list of acceptable meds i can take during pregnancy given to me at my 1st prenatal visit by my doctor because i've come down w/ a cold..and i happened to notice metamucil as one of the constipation remedies, and i remembered... last week i was looking at "natural" induction websites and one listed casot oil, of course, but beside it said metamucil does the same thing. has anyone heard of using this if you're not consipated to "loosen" your bowels , i guess, to possibly jump-start contractions? if you've done it, does it work?i would think if it did, it would be recommended more than nasty castor oil!! but i'd try it next week when i hit 40 weeks to see what happens and avoid induction if i knew it carried any validity. you're thoughts???


3babies - May 30

Hi lindsay, although metamucil is cla__sed as a laxative, it works in a different way than the castor oil. It is harmless, but it can make you feel really bloated and doesnt tend to result in the diarrhoea like castor oil. From what I understand it is the diarrhoea that irritates the uterus and gets things going (if you are ready). So it would hurt, but I dont think you will get the same result, and maybe a tummy ache instead! Good luck though.


Tillie - May 31

Someone asked about this in my childbirth cla__s last weekend. The instructor said it doesn't work in the same way, but produces a lot of really uncomfortable cramping and diarrhoea that won't actually result in labor. She also said castor oil can do the same thing, if you're not ready. It all sounds sort of awful to me!


lindsay - May 31

hmmm. well, that's the last thing i want to do is make myself more uncomfortable for NO reason, lol! so i probably won't be chancing it ... nature will just have to take it's course! just thought it was an interesting and less gross concept than good 'ol castor oil... tillie- i wonder why if it produces the same diarrhea and cramping as castor oil can why it doesn't start labor , if your body's ready, because i thought it was the bowel irritation that could start the uterine contractions... oh well, i'm not that concerned... thanks for your responses!!



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