Has Anyone Here Used The C Section Recovery Kit

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snappy - January 3

Hi, I have posted this question on the C Section board as well, but though I would post it here too... hoping someone has some advise for me on this question. "Just wondering - has anyone here used the AbdoMend™ Deluxe C Section Recovery Kit? I am having a C section in February and I was thinking of getting this kit. If anyone can offer some feed back I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I am wondering if there are other belly support belts that you would recommend? Thank you ladies" ↓


CodyKatie5 - January 3

Hi snappy. I've never even heard of such a thing...haha, but it sounds neat. I am having my second c-section in February as well. Is this your first c-section? I didn't have a belt or anything like that after my first, but I did get some of the underwear that holds in your belly to make you look slimmer and I think it helped a lot. Not only did I feel like it gave me extra support around the tummy, but I think it made my belly go down faster.


breezieb - January 3

Hi ladies! I am having my third c-section in February. I have never heard of this, but would love some more info on it! I also wore spandex type shorts to hold it all together tight. I have heard from other c-section moms that say it makes a big diffrence on making your belly go down faster and my aunt who has had 3 c sections wore tights religously with all 3 has the best c- section belly I have ever seen!!! She swears it was from wearing tights/spandex for at least 6 weeks after the c sections. Please let me know what the c section kit includes. Thanks


snappy - January 4

Hi ladies, CodyKatie this will be my second c-section as well. I had one with my dd 2.5 years ago and I have also used underwear that holds your belly in. I think it helped a lot and my C healed nicely. For some reason I am a little more worried with the second C - don't know why so I though I would get this special belt thing. I have actually seen a post a long time ago on the C-section board about a company that sells these things... here is the web address for it... w w w csectionrecoverykit DOT com check it out and let me know what you think??? Breezieb thanks for your reply too it is nice to know that you are having your 3 c - so I guess everything went well at your second one too. My first one was an emergency C after 16 hours of labour - this time it is planned and I am hoping things will go a lot smoother.... check out the website of the c-section kit and let me know what you think... Do you ladies have your dates for your C-sections yet.. I am seeing the OBGYN on Wednesday so I will have a fixed date by Wednesday, however my GP thinks it will be around the 5th. My original due date is the 19th of February. Are you ladies nervous at all... I am. Thanks.


breezieb - January 4

Snappy - Thanks for the info! My first was also 16 hr labour then an emergency, his heart rate was dropping. I was only 4cm dialated. The second one was such a better experience!!!! No contractions, just go in and bam done! My original due date is Feb 21, my c is scheduled for the 16th.


clindholm - January 5

The hospital where I delivered (2nd section) actually had these. They certainly helped for the first few days. Check with the hospital you plan to deliver at. I would say the 2nd section was easier than the first and to me, the most important thing is getting up and about as quickly as possible which helped me heal ALOT quicker this time around. Good luck.


CodyKatie5 - January 5

Snappy- My first c-section was scheduled because my daughter was in a footling breech position. Tragically, the cord was around her neck 3 times and 2 days before my scheduled c-section I went to L&D because I didn't feel any movement. She was gone. :( I was 40w4d. I still went through w/the c-section because it was just such an emotional time and I didn't want to go through labor for an outcome that was not going to be happy. That was in August 2007. Since then we moved from CA to AZ and obviously I needed new docs. We were going to start TTC in August 2008, but I got a BFP in July. Ha! We are expecting another girl which has worked wonderfully because we kept everything we got for our first baby. Needless to say I have been monitored VERY closely this pregnancy, especially now in the third trimester. I am due March 5, but my doc is scheduling a repeat c-section at 38 weeks...so I'm thinking somewhere around February 20. I was really hoping to VBAC...I still keep praying that it will happen. I'm a pretty good candidate for one based on the incision I have and my reason for my first c-section. So we'll see what happens. I think I'm still waiting to see if she gets in position (she's currently transverse) and how she responds to all of the non-stress tests and ultrasounds to make a final decision on whether to schedule the c-section for 38 weeks or hold out for another week. I had my first NST today and she did great. I have a doc appt on Wednesday so hopefully I'll have more info then.


snappy - January 7

clindholm thanks for your answer. I checked with the hospital I will be delivering at and they don't have anything for c sections... I have gone ahead and ordered a kit on line. I will use it and probably I will post a review here at some point in February. And I agree, getting up and moving is probably very helpful as well. CodyKatie I am so sorry about your loss, however I am very happy that you are expecting again. It is good to know that everything is going fine for you so far. I will keep my fingers crossed for you! My fist section was an emergency C - I was in labour for 16 hours - my water broke and I was having contracitons every 3 minutes, but I didn't progress past 2 cm... even with drugs. I had some other complications too - I was running a fever - sign of an infection - my epidural line broke and they couldn't do a spinal in time to get the baby out safely therefore I was put under general anesthesia. Now I am too scared to try a VBAC, but after reading your story you sound like a good candidate for one... whatever you decide the best of good luck to you!!! I just saw the OBGYN today - she will be doing my c section. The hospital I am delivering at is completely booked for February.. so we are hoping someone will cancel or I will have to go in on the 12 of Feb and do a so called emergency C - she is on call that day so I would go in first thing in the morning and wait till the OR is free.. which could be a long wait. My original due date was the 19 th than it was changed to the 22 nd she would like to do the C sometime between the 12 and 15th. Will see how it goes.... I hope somebody will go into labour before their scheduled C so I can take their spot.


tummy tamer - January 31

The c section kit is a great bonus for women having c sections or needing post partum support. The belts are soft and comfy cotton, and are great just after surgery before you get out of bed, to prevent tearing. The ma__sage guide is easy and helps avoid a lumpy scar and complications. None of us need that after our baby comes. make sure you avoid infections, by changing your pads regularly, and get some help. It needs to get into hospitals and into our doctors offices, because it was great for me. I got the deluxe kit. Good luck everyone!


mjohnson5611 - February 11

I always recommend that my clients wear an abdominal compression binder following childbirth, especially after a c-section. Abdominal binding has been used to, flatten the belly, speed up weight loss, tone the muscles of the abdomen, promote good posture during b___stfeeding, reposition the womb, dispel the lochia and eliminate post pregnancy stretch marks. For women that have had a c-section, an abdominal compression binder also helps to support the incision while moving about. The one that I recommend to my clients comes from The Recovery Kit.


Georgia - January 9

hey snappy, I am having a c-seciton on the 3rd and was wondering exactly the same thing you began this thread about. I was wondering about the c-section belt too. The whole kit is not much more than just buying the bikini belt so I am going to go ahead and order a kit too. Good luck!


tummy tamer - January 9

Its a great product and I would recommend it to anyone who wans to be comfortable and in less pain. good luck


lyleesmama - January 15

hi I'm having my first csection march 27! I'm very scared. I've never had one before. My dd was so big and had shoulder dyst_tia when she was born she wasn't breathinh when she came out...so I'm not wanting to go through that again so idecided to have a c section. I'm scared cuz I've never had surgrey of any kind and having an 18 month old is gonna take alot out of me. Alot of ppl tell me that it doesn't take as long to recover as I've heard but idk. My dr won't let me leave the hospital til after 4 days cuz he wants me to rest as much as possible before coming home. The hospitals here are not allowing children in the maternity ward at all cuz of the swine flu. So that means I don't get to see my dd for 4 days! Grrr!! well if anyone has any advice for this newbie that would be great. Thanks


snappy - January 17

Hi Ladies, I had my second C-section on February 12, 2009. My little guy is almost 1 year old and doing very well.... anyway Georgia I hope you got the kit or the belt at least. I bought the kit and I am so glad I did. My fist C was an emergency C and my recovery was awful. My second C went really well and my recovery was much quicker and much more pain and medication free. I took the belt to the hospital with me and used it right away. It felt really good to have the support it gave me and I think I used it for at least 4 weeks after surgery. One thing I have to say I ordered the medium size even though I am a large in most things, and I am glad I did. they fit big so order a size down if you want really good support. Lyleesmama, try not to worry too much about your C. If you have a planned C your recovery should be smooth. Stay in the hospital as long as you can, because your doctor is right about you needing to rest as much as possible. When my son was born my little girl was almost 3 years old and it broke my heart to leave her to go have my son. She stayed with my sister and came to see me 2 days after the C. I cried like crazy when I went to the hospital, when she came to visit and many times after I came home.. because she was sick for a week before I went in for my C. She got me sick as well... but I just really felt like she needed me. Maybe you could take some pictures with you and if you have a digital camera someone could take a few pix of you for her to see and of her for you to see. I talked on the phone every day with her as well. I was in for 3.5 days. When you go home make sure you have lots of help. Try to rest as much as you can.. and whatever you do Do Not lift your daughter - do not lift anything heavier than your baby. Don't worry you will be fine - if you can get the C-section recovery kit that would be great ... it helped me a lot. Good luck.


sojtny - June 10

I am having C-Section at the end of Sept and was wondering if anyone tried the C-section recovery kit or any of the other bellybandits, etc. after their surgery and how did it go?


tummy tamer - June 10

Hi Ladies Have you checked out the reviews on Amazon about the CSectionRecoverKit? All the reviews seem really great. It works really well, and helps reduce pain. My friends use it for about a month then do the tighter belt. I think other belts are better after v____al births because they are too tight after surgery. Good luck and its great you want to be prepared because a c/s is major surgery!


maui mom - March 9

HI Snappy- Just saw your post- Hope your birth went well- did you get the c/s kit? I used it and it really helped me. Soft and cozy, I was able to walk around and be less stressed, just trying to function at the base level, then I felt great after the first 2 weeks- my scar is tiny too! All the best



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