Has Anyone NOT Had Braxton Hicks

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MommyMeg07 - January 17

Does EVERYONE get them? I'm 36 weeks, and haven't felt any at all. Has anyone here had a baby before without ever having them?


SaraH - January 17

A lot of women have mild BH's and never realize that they are having them, so I wouldn't worry about the fact that you're not feeling them. The uterus actually starts contracting way back in the 1st trimester --just can't feel it that early --and sometimes women never start feeling it or realize that they are having them. Just be glad that you're not having them -at lest not noticably- as they can get really uncomfortable sometimes. So, enjoy not feeling them, and hey you're only 36w's you still have time to start feeling some. GL


Tammy276 - January 17

Not everyone feels BH, but chances are you are having them, just not noticing them. My doctor told me for some reason, a lot of first time moms don't feel them at all, or start to feel them around the last few weeks of pregnancy....consider your self lucky. I am 30 weeks and have been getting them since around 18 weeks or so and the further along I get, the more painful they get...this is my second, which is why my doctor said I noticed them so early on...weird..but don't worry if you don't feel them, your body is still preparing for labor.


Tylersmommy - January 17

Hi mommymeg07 ! Not every-one feels the Braxton Hicks contractions , but that is not to say that they are not happening to you . In my first pregnancy I only felt them in the last couple of weeks . With this pregnancy ( I am now 27 weeks ) I have started feeling them . So don't stress and who knows maybe your body is saving it for the big one !! Good luck


redhead125 - January 18

I'm 34 weeks and haven't felt them (that I know of). I suppose they could be happening and I just don't know it.


jayme2365 - January 18

I'm almost 39 wks and I have only felt a couple that I know of. ..This is my first so I probably just don't notice them from all the other aches and pains going on down there!!! I told my husband that I'm scared im going to think the realy contractions are just BH and not realize im in labor until they get really painful.


DB - January 18

I didn't think I was having any either and then I realized finally what I thought was the baby stretching out and making my tummy hard was really BH. I'm 38w4d and now they are getting stronger and much more noticeable, but honestly I think I was around 36 weeks when I finally noticed them.


MommyMeg07 - January 18

Maybe I am having them... Sometimes my stomach gets very tight, but it's always on the right side and I can always feel a body part, ha ha, like a foot or a b___t or something - so I've always thought it was just the baby moving. What part of your stomach do you feel them in the most? I've been having a crampy feeling very low in my stomach - like menstrual cramps - but then at other times it just feels sort of sore. I was thinking that BH cntxns were mostly mid-stomach.... do you think the low crampy feeling could be BH? Also, do u think the soreness could be from my pelvic bone starting to give a little? Thanks for all your help ladies, this is my first, and I have NO idea what's going on down there! ha ha


DB - January 19

I feel my bh mostly on the upper right side and lower left side, but as they've gotten stronger lately it seems to be almost the whole belly, except way down low. I had menstrual like cramps the other night. I was hoping it was the beginning of labor, but they went away...bummer...as far as the pelvic pain I feel that too and it hurts really really bad when I try to roll over at night! Ouch.


tyler0323 - January 19

this is my second, and never had them at all in either one (so far with this one (31 + weeks). when i had my first contraction with my first pregnancy, that was my labor.



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