Has Anyone Previously Suffered From Pre Eclampsia

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Meghan - January 29

if so can you tell me some of the symptoms you had? I have just started to swell in my feet and hands so badly that it hurts, I do not have high bp but a very fast pulse of 117, my urine is quite orange in colour and I've got a horrid barking cough that brings up mucus. all this has started over the last few days. Iam not sure if this means anyhing but any insight would be appreciated


Meghan - January 29

oh and i am 33 weeks:)


Danielle26 - January 29

Here's a list of the common symptoms. Toxemia or preeclampsia produces the rapid development of edema. This is especially prominent in the face and hands. There is excessive weight gain, more than a pound a week during the final trimester. The blood pressure is elevated. Jaundice - yellowing of the skin and eyes, may develop. Headache, blurred vision and irritability are a reflection of involvement of the central nervous system. Bleeding and easy bruising may develop from decreased levels of platelets. If Eclampsia develops, the blood pressure continues to elevate. The aforementioned symptoms worsen. Seizures develop and there may be muscle twitching and coma. If you're truly concerned, call your Dr. Good luck.


Meghan - January 29

thank you for replying! I have noticed yellowness around my eyes but i thought maybe it was me just looking tired. I have a few of those symptoms so now I am a little concerned. I have an ultrasound tomorrow so I might mention it to them, i dont know what they can do because its just ultrasound techs that preform it but it is done at the L&D so hopefully its nothing.


Gretta - January 30

Hi Meghan - You need to call your doctor. They need to know about your symptoms right away. Hopefully its nothing to worry about but I am being treated for hbp and the symptoms they told me to look for and call immediately are swelling, headaches that don't go away with ty;enol, blurred vision and pain up by your liver (which could be the yellow around the eyes). They said not to worry about calling with any of those symptoms.


DB - January 30

They should also test your urine to see if you're spilling protein. You can always go to Walgreens or somewhere where there's a blood pressure machine and check your bp. I'd call your doctor, better safe than sorry.



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