Has Anyone S Doctor Ever Done This For Them

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Angela - June 27

I am 34.5 weeks and due Aug.2nd... Because I was diagnosed with vaginismus during my pregnancy (uncontrollable clamping of the inner va___al muscles when foreign objects i.e. the speculum is inserted due to childhood trauma) my doctor offered to give me an epideral at 39 weeks, induce for a va___al delivery and if I didn't respond he would do a c-section. Has anyone ever been induced before 40 weeks or in a similar situation? One of my biggest fears are the exams they have to do to make sure you're in labor - I am trying to avoid that... I am pretty scared.


AmandaManns - June 27

My doctor induced me at 39 weeks for no reason at all. He just told me at my 36 weeks appointment that if I wanted to be induced a week early I could be, and of course I was due the day after Christmas so I wanted to have my bundle of joy home for the holidays. I went in and got induced for and after about 5 hours of my induction I decided for an epidural. Good Luck!


ashley - June 28

im being induced 10 days early.... doctor asked me if I wanted to since this is my second baby.


littlemama1022 - June 28

I was induced a day before my due date with my first child, only because I was 3cm dilated and very thinned out. I was only in labor for 9 hours with my first child, I'm hoping things go as smoothe this time.


Angela - June 28

I am glad to hear that other people have done it that way - I do not want a c-section, so hopefully my body responds to the pitocin.


flatstanley - June 30

I was induced with 3 of my 4 children 10 days early. I walked around 3 cm dilated with each for a few weeks- my longest labor was 5 1/2 hours. All were great experinces for me...I was relaxed, well rested, and in control. Best of luck to you!!!!


Laurabb4 - July 1

Hi, I was induced with my 3rd at 38 weeks all went well. I am going to be induced next Saturday 8th, I will be 38 weeks. Good luck to you.


Tanna - July 2

For my second I was also able to recieve my epidural before contractions even started ,and I was induced. That was nice, no pain until the pushing part. Anyway, my Dr. said he would let me have the epi. before the pain started since it was my second one. He said he does not do that for women who are having their first though. But, it sounds like even if this is your first baby, you are an exception.



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