Has This Happend To Anyone Else

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lil-miss-saunders - November 13

I have had a pretty straight forward pregnancy. Apart from a little scare they had when i was around 31 weeks, about the baby being small and sending me for an extra scan, things have been fine. Im now 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant and yesterday i saw my midwife. She had a trainee with her which was fine by me because they have to learn somewhere. The trainee layed me on the bed and began to feel my belly, she did this for a while and then began to look confused. She called Jacqui over (my original midwife) and asked her to feel. They were worried that my baby was coming feet 1st and her head was at the top of my belly. This really shocked and confused me as the previous week i was told that my babys head was 4/5ths engaged. Jacqui then panicked and tried to ring the hospital to arrange a 4th scan. In the meantime the trainee looked for my babys heartbeat and found it at the bottom of my belly on the right side. This didnt make sense. As she listened the buldge at the top of my belly which they thought was the babys head popped out slightly and jacqui rushed over to feel it. She then decided that it was my babys bum so her head must be down. She then wrote on my notes that my babys head is only 3/5ths engaged but isnt 100% positive that she is head down. I now realize i should of pushed for another scan but at the time i was just a little shaken and confused. I have an appointment to see her again next monday but im worried that something will be wrong. Has this happend to anyone else and things have turned out ok? Or has anyone had a baby that wouldnt turn head down? What did they do etc? Sorry about the essay. xx


Tory1980 - November 13

Usually, if the baby is breech you are given two options. Either to try for a v____al birth (but a lot of Doctors are no longer properly trained in this anymore) or to go for a c-section. Breech deliveries if managed correctly are fine but be aware it will have a higher number of people there in the room in case of complications. They may mention trying to turn the baby externally but if it is your first baby and the fact he/she is partially engaged this propbably wouldn't be a safe option. I would imagine though that she is head down but was lying at a weird angle. Saying that though at this stage they should have been able to feel what was head and what was bum. The head is a lot harder than the bum and the heart beat being so low down indicates to me that she hasn't turned. I hope the scan gives more answers and she just likes being akward! Let us know how it goes.


lil-miss-saunders - November 13

Thanks Tory! In the end my midwife didnt arrange for the scan. The hospital didnt answer when she rang therefore it didnt get arranged. Thinking about it now i should of insisted but at the time i was just in shock.


Rainbowbrite - November 13

Could you maybe call your midwife back up and let her know that now you feel uneasy and in order to ease your mind you feel you need to go have the ultrasound done?? that way you don't have to ponder for the next week!?!?



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