Have Any Of You Done This

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mommietobe - May 4

My dh and I are trying to get our 20 mth old ready for his new brother. I know he's still to little to fully understand, but we've read some books and watched some videos. One of my pg books suggests bringing a small gift to the hospital and saying it's from his new brother. Has anyone done this, and if so what did you give? It's hard, do you go sentimental or totally fun?


Laurabb4 - May 4

We just bought our older one a toy he would like. We took him to the sibling cla__s at the hospital before the baby was born to help him try and understand better.


Renee-Marie - May 4

YES! my nephew was only 13 months old when his little sister came along. He was a bit confused when he saw his mommy sitting in the bed holding his sister. Once he got into the bed, his mommy gave him something and said it was from his sister. He smiled really big and gave her tiny kisses on her feet. Since they were so close in age, they are closely bonded in so many ways now. They are 4 and 6 now and love eachtoher to pieces. Good luck! It'll all work out ok!


Renee-Marie - May 4

SORRY, he was 24 months old...


HopeG - May 4

We are doing this with our son. I got a little bag full of small toys that we are going to give to him from his sister when he comes to visit her at the hospital. We also got him a nice gift (around $30) that we are going to give to him from her when we come home from the hosptial... He is really excited to see what Sissy is bringing him.! Good Luck


3babies - May 4

Hi mommietobe, my little boy was nearly 21/2 when we had his brother. He was mad about Toystory and had a Buzz lightyear so we bought him Woody from his brother. He loved it and bought it in each visit. My friend had to be hospitalized for 8 weeks with her third away from her family. She had a bag of small goodies, like dinosaurs/cars etc that she would give to her kids each visit. My boys are great mates now almost 6 and 3 1/2.


mommietobe - May 4

Thanks everyone. My son wants to kiss his baby constantly, so I hope he takes to him well. He loves Elmo so I've been looking on line for ideas in that area. My son is special needs and I stay home with him so I want to try to do something extra special. I'm freaking out ladies that between a new brother and mommy not being there that it will be to much on him. It's going to be hard to be away from him. My dh is going to take him to build a bear while I'm in the hospital so he can make his "baby" a bear. I love the small bag of goodies idea.


mama-beans - May 6

My daughter will be 20 months old when her little brother is born.. and after reading some of these posts, I worry that she is a bit behind! She totally doesn't understand the whole baby-in-belly concept, or really the idea of baby in the house.. she knows and points out babies all the time, but she really doesn't understand that we will have a baby living with us! The present from the baby is a great idea, but I don't think the "from the baby" part will even register with her... it will just be a new toy that she gets while Mom is sleeping away from home. thanks for starting this thread mommietobe.. I will keep checking it out to see any other ideas I can get to make the transition an easy one... that is my biggest worry right now.


Kiddolebel - May 6

We bought a thomas the train expansion pack from the baby for when we bring her home. My son is 2 1/2.


libra80 - May 9

I am also having my 2 child My first is 27months. I also plan on taken something for her. I also made arangements for her to stay at familys for the first day after. Just because I know everyones going to be a the hospital paying all the attention to the new baby and I don't want her left out or feel jealous. That away on day two people start to slow down coming by and we can interduce them without all the rush of everyone being there.



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