Have Baby Early

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Evonna - June 25

I am 34 weeks pregnant and due early august. My question is does any other moms to be feel that they'll have their baby earlier than their due date? Maybe it's me, but i'm due the 5th or 6th of August and have a feeling she'll be born at the end of july. Does anyone feel they'll have their baby earlier?


Revel - June 25

i use to be so sure i was having my baby early but the closer i get the more i feel liek ima be pregnant forever lol if i get my wway tho ill be having him sooner then later ^_^


louise_J - June 25

I was so sure i'd have my baby early and here i am 2 days overdue!!


Deb - June 25

I agree with Revel - I always felt I would have it early (both of my sisters had early babies), but now I am 2 1/2 weeks away from my due date, small for this stage of the game, still carrying high, and I feel like this baby is never going to come out!


sophandbob - June 25

I have a feeling that bob might show up early, but I think it could be wishful thinking (on the part that I can't wait to hold my baby, and not that I want him born premature!!!) i guess he'll stop in there for as long as he needs, but i am sooooooo excited!!! only 11 weeks til due date.


krista-lee - June 25

i had a feeling my baby would be early, but she came 13 days late lol


Ca__sie06 - June 25

I feel the same way! I am due August 8th and I want him out by mid-late July!! I am thinking hopefully I will go on my own since my mom went at 37 weeks with both me and my sister, but if I dont my dr has agreed to induce around 38 weeks . Its not definate yet, but it is an option so I will see as I get closer to that date!


krc - June 25

i AM due aug 2nd but I feel like he's gonna be late. I guess we'll see.


Evonna - June 29

sometimes i want her to be due earlier because it is so hot down here in georgia. But then i want her to be due on her due date as well so she'll be full term. Everybody says i look as if i already dropped everytime i leave the house and it's only July.


luvmyboys - July 1

Feelings have nothing to do with when your baby will be born! I had my first 5 weeks early so then I completely expected my second to be early as well. But no, he was a week late. And the third....I had to be induced 16 days late. I hadn't even started dilating yet! It would be nice if those feelings meant something, but don't get your hopes up too much because you might be disappointed!


DinaAW - July 1

I had a feeling that I would have a June baby. I was due yesterday, June 30th, and I am still pregnant!


AlissaF - July 1

i had a feeling that I would be early. I was due July 5th and gave birth on june 19th.


apr - July 2

I am due on July 31st. I really want to be early. It is boiling hot where I live and I just cant anymore. But everyone says that 1st births are always overdue, so I am taking it all into account.



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