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amyjo - February 13

I have been reading about all the pregnancy woes, and find myself relating to lots of them. But I haven't seen this one.....maybe a little TMI, but it just annoys me... Does anyone find themselves drooling excessively at night, or whenever they try to sleep?? I feel like a St. Bernard!! I wake up several times a night and have to turn over my pillow and/or change it completely! I try to breathe out of my nose, but my membranes must be thinner or something because I'll get nosebleeds the next day. I have read somewhere that it is normal to produce excessive saliva, but wow...LOL. Anyone else have this problem?? I'm 35 yrs old, 37 weeks pregnant, and this is my third child....my other children are 18 and 15, so this whole pregnancy thing is almost new to me..... Please tell me I'm not a freak...LOL.


Kristin11 - February 13

lol i hear you on this one! I too have had the excess drool. I think it maybe be the fact of stuffy prego nose so you sleep with youer mouth open and the excess saliva just kinda runs out lol.


Melissa30 - February 13

I know what you mean about feeling like this pregnancy thing is new. I'm 30 and 29 weeks. My other two kids are 11 and 8. There is so much about being pregnant that I forgot about. The drooling is one of them. I wake up several times a night to find a dry spot to sleep on. Sometimes I have to steal my DH's pillow to do that.


amyjo - February 13

My DH will not even go near my pillow...LOL. If I took his he would probably freak out completely! I often wake up after a nap with kids and hubby standing over me laughing.....it's crazy.


redhead125 - February 13

That's funny, because I've noticed the same thing recently (I'm 38 weeks as of today). Isn't that strange?


Diann - February 13

I too and 31 wks w/ a 15 yr old ds, i drool more in my sleep then my dog does. nothing like feeling as if .........forget the bibs for the baby i need one instead


danimarie - February 13

Haha! YES!!! I have woken up drooling a few times in the past few weeks! That's hilarious!


Kristin11 - February 13

lol i actually soaked the arm rest of the couch the other day when i fell asleep thier, should have see the look on my hubbys face when he put his arm in it lol. That was great!!


jennsfirst - February 13

And I thought I was the only one, I have been drooling like crazy when I sleep. The funny thing is I fell asleep with my head on my boyfriend's shoulder the other day and he woke me up asking me if I was trying to drown him. Oh and apparently I snore like crazy now as well.


niccki - February 13

I have noticed the same thing. I really attribute mine to the fact my nose is always so stuffed and has dried blood that I am forced to breathe through my mouth. Kind of gross and can't wait until I can breathe normal again.


JenniferRose - February 13

Oh my gosh i thought i was the only one! I just never said anything out of embara__sment! I sware i have to flip my pillow every hour...its horrible!


Diann - February 14

Snoring......augh! yup been doing that too since just before the 2nd trimester. my dh took up sleeping on the couch but since has found that ear plugs do wonders for him. don't tell but i prefered when he went the couch, it gave me and the dog more room on our queen size bed. Plus the dog NEVER complains when i snore only when dh does, does the dog become more active at night then normal. : )! and the nose bleed thing is such a pain too. each and every morning i have at least one when i wake up.


ShaunaLeigh - February 14

thats comical... but only because i noticed myself doin that ALOT lately... wasnt sure why i was doing it cuz i was never a big drooler in my sleep but i feel so muchhhh better knowin that others are doin it as well!



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