Having A Baby Ouside The US

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angelbebe - May 3

Wondering how many mamas to be are having babies outside the US. I am in Honduras and will have my daughter here. I'm curious as to how your pregnancy experience has been, especially those who are from the US and living abroad...


Jamie - May 5

My daughter was born in Germany. But, I was seen by American doctors throughout my pregnancy, except for one incident involving a German ER, where they wanted to perform an emergency c-section at 30 weeks.


mayaB - May 5

not sure I qualify as living abroad. I dont consider where I have lived abroad.. I mean, I am american, have lived in 3 countries and all 3 countries are home to me. Anyhow, I'm in Italy. My experience with Italian doctors throughout my life has not been good. In fact I have always returned to the US when I needed something serious done. My father as well would fly back for any serious interventions. But the doctor that is following me with this pregnancy is the excpetion. I love him! I see him privately and have been followed very closely. I'll be giving birth in a hospital though. The hospitals are public and terrible here though, So I'll have to close an eye when I go. But other than that things have been going wonderfully!


AppleCake - May 5

I live in the UK. I'm not from the US, but I have found from reading stuff on here that it seems the docs in the US like to intervene more. For example: all the fuss over dilation and effacement. Here in the UK you don't get routine internal exams. The first time I was examined was when I was in hospital being induced- they had to go "in there" to put the induction gel in. After that I was only examined 3 more times before my babies were born. Our hospitals vary greatly, as does the standard of care but alot of that is due to staff shortages. I feel lucky to be in the city I am in as our maternity care is pretty good.


Alycia - May 5

It is odd about the American att_tude toward such things - it's not just the doctors but the patients also who seem to think "the more interference the better." If you aren't getting internals or your membranes stripped, or induced on your due date, EVERYONE keeps asking what the heck your doctor is thinking. Very odd... and that's why I will NEVER deliver in a hospital here in the US unless there is an emergency and I am in need of their expert care.


mayaB - May 5

I'm in Italy and have been followed in a private clinic. I'm not too sure how it is in the public hospitals. My doctor has done internals on me since day 1. One thing though I have noticed is that in the US there is an emphasis on giving numbers. For example what station # the baby is in. the % effacement, and # dilatation. Have to say I wouldnt mind having these numbers to be able to compare myself with other women.


angelbebe - May 5

Very interesting. I was actually pregnant the first time when I was in Florence, Italy, but didn't know it. I was having lower ab pains and they gave me all these xrays in a public hospital there. The experience sucked because NO one spoke english and I had no idea what the hell was going on. Anyways, I may have miscarried because of those xrays...I'll never know. The pregnancy terminated like after 8 weeks, so no big deal. Anyways, I have been living in Honduras the past 1 1/2 years. Part of the reason I have decided to have a home birth with a midwife from the states is because the doctors here are VERY c-section happy. They cut, induce, medicate, whenever they can. Most of the good doctors are US trained. The care I have received has been wonderful though. Very personal with very little checking. I have heard the UK does things a little different over there. I have several friends from England here who have lent me books written in England about pregnancy. I found them to have way less fear written into them. The top selling books I have read from the states have complications written on every other page. You would think they were normal when 95% of pregnancies don't require medical intervention. anyways, thank you for your perspectives. Living abroad has been extremely enlightening, especially in this area.



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